Rage Comics: Funny Internet Meme Faces

These Simple Yet Hilarious Facial Expression Will Make You LOL

If you spend a lot of time browsing and interacting on social networking sites like Tumblr, Reddit, and others, then you've most likely been exposed to a strange phenomenon called the Internet meme.

An Internet meme is usually a photo, video or general idea from the Internet that gets passed around rapidly from one user to another. These photos or videos become so popular that they help reshape and redefine Internet culture, thus being defined as “memes.”

Rage Comics are funny and exaggerated comics or pictures that depict everyday life situations. They're extremely popular online — especially with the younger crowd — and you can see them being used to depict nearly every relatable situation imaginable.

The following is a list of some of the funniest and most popular faces that are used.

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'Okay' Guy

Okay Guy
Photo from Rage Comics

The “Okay” guy is just what it sounds like — a funny face looking downward, almost self-consciously, appearing as if he’s quietly muttering the word “okay” under his breath. This funny face is often used to depict someone agreeing to something when he or she really doesn’t want to agree to it, or when he or she agrees to it anyway in order to feel included.

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'Forever Alone' Guy

Forever Alone Guy
Photo from Rage Comics

"Forever Alone" guy is often used to represent those moments when a person has nobody around to talk to or spend time with when company is actually preferred. This meme face helps people tell their emotional stories related to single life, relationship troubles or friendlessness. It’s a funny face that is used to exaggerate and make fun of the loneliest of times.

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'Rage' Guy

Rage Guy
Photo from Rage Comics

The “Rage” guy meme face is used to illustrate those regular life situations when something just doesn’t go your way and before you know it, curses are flying out of your mouth. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or realizing you’re late for work because you can’t get the car started, the “Rage Guy” face can be applied to almost anything that’s unpleasant.

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'Poker Face' Guy

Poker Face Guy
Photo from Rage Comics

“Poker Face” guy is expressionless and only features two beady eyes and a straight line across the face for a mouth. This face is mainly used to illustrate awkward and often embarrassing social situations in which the meme creator/storyteller always exhibits a blank, emotionless facial expression.

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'Aww Yea' Guy

Aww Yea Guy
Photo from Rage Comics

“Aww Yea" guy is always used to express excitement or to recognize an accomplishment. He’s seen leaning backward and shouting “aww yea” as if he has succeeded at something or as if he was congratulating somebody.

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'LOL' Guy

Photo from Rage Comics

You probably already know that “LOL” stands for “laugh out loud,” which is the most common way to express laughter on the web. LOL guy is for the individual who likes let his inner silliness shine through. This meme face laughs at almost everything. Showing off his googly eyes and his big lips, he's characterized by comedy and general goofiness.

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'Me Gusta' Guy

Me Gusta
Photo from Rage Comics

The Spanish phrase “me gusta” translates to “it pleases me” or “I like it” in English. Me Gusta guy is characterized by a very round head, scrunched up facial features and bulging, bloodshot eyes. The face is typically used to respond to awkward situations or disgusting events.

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'Trollface' Guy

Photo from Rage Comics

Also known as “Coolface,” this guy is used to imply one’s intention to troll another. In other words, the “Trollface” meme face acts to make fun of others and is used to exhibit feelings of satisfaction from seeing others suffer. His face is characterized by a huge grin and mischievous eyes. He often asks, "Problem?" directed to a specific person in a bad situation, as if to purposely annoy them.

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'Y U NO' Guy

Y U NO. Photo from Rage Comics

“Y U NO” stands for “why you no” in plain English, which is incorrect grammar for “why don’t you.” The term “Y U NO” is often used online and in SMS texting as a way to complain about something or bring someone’s attention to a certain issue. The “Y U NO” meme face has a round head and a displeased-looking face. He is always holding up his hands in a way to add dramatic emphasis to his complaint.

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'Oh Crap' Guy

Oh Crap
Photo from Rage Comics

There are two versions of this “Oh Crap” guy. They both depict a pretty detailed sketch drawing of a person throwing their head back and scowling at a specific situation or individual. The angrier of the two meme faces actually has red eyes and large teeth. These faces are used to emphasize anger, confusion, surprise and disgust.