Learn About Radio Personalities Johnjay and Rich

JohnJay and Rich at holding microphones at pool party


Denise Truscello / Contributor / Getty Images

Johnjay and Rich are longtime radio show hosts, both natives of Southern California. Get to know them in this brief profile before checking out their show on iHeartMedia.


The Johnjay & Rich show is a live regional radio show distributed by iHeartMedia. The program airs nationally on both over-the-air radio stations owned by iHeartMedia and through streaming audio made available by the company. For a list of affiliates by state, go to JohnJayandRich.com. The show's podcast is also available at that website plus a live listen link for browsers and mobile devices.

Johnjay Van Es

Born to immigrant parents in Los Angeles, he says: "I started out in San Diego radio with a part-time shift at San Diego State, (KCR). I drove a radio station van, hung banners for the deejays and eventually became a radio salesman." Johnjay wanted to be on the radio even as a child and claims it's the only thing he ever wanted to do. He is married with children.

Rich Berra

A native of the Midwest, he notes: "I believe I still have some credits to finish up in San Diego City College." Rich also says his childhood ambition was to be on the radio. His first radio job was at a radio station when he was 14-years-old. He simultaneously worked at a grocery store to earn money to pay for the gas to get to the station.


Visit Johnjay and Rich at JohnjayandRich.com