What Is RabbitTV Plus?

A look into what this web-based entertainment service has to offer

RabbitTV Plus is an entertainment service that aggregates and organizes a wide variety of TV shows, movies, radio stations and local channels from across the internet so that you can enjoy it in one convenient place.

The service evolved from the original As Seen on TV Rabbit TV USB device, which turned any USB-enabled machine into a TV and radio entertainment system. That product has since been discontinued and today you only need a web or mobile browser to start use RabbitTV Plus.

What To Know About The RabbitTV Plus Mobile App

Before we get too far into this, there's something important to understand. RabbitTV Plus currently displays iTunes and Google Play images on its website, giving users the impression that they can download the iOS app from iTunes or the Android app from the Google Play Store. This is not the case.

RabbitTV Plus vs. Rabbit

There's actually another entertainment service out there that's easy to confuse with RabbitTV Plus, called Rabbit. Despite their similar names, the two services are not associated with each other.

Rabbit is a free, social video streaming service that allows users to watch shows and movies together in sync, with free video, voice and message chats rolled into it for both one-on-one and group viewings. You can join other users' viewing rooms for free or start your own and invite up to 25 friends to start watching with you. Rabbit is available on the App Store and Google Play.

RabbitTV home page

How to Access RabbitTV Plus

To access the RabbitTV Plus mobile app, you have to visit RabbitTVPlus.com in a mobile browser and tap Login. You'll be redirected to a page with a short video and written instructions for how to download and install the RabbitTV Plus app.

As you scroll down the page, look for the green button labeled Download APK if you're on an Android device or the blue button labeled Download IPA if you're on an iOS device. An APK and IPA are application files, but are usually hidden by the system when you install apps from the Google Play store and App Store respectively. Once you tap this, a popup message will appear asking you if you want to download/install the file. (Before you tap OK on Android or Install on iOS, make sure you read the rest of this section).

The instructional video and text will walk you through the exact steps for how to go into your device settings so that you can allow apps from sources other than the Play Store on Android or to trust the app on iOS. Once you do this, the RabbitTV Plus app installation will be completed.

Essentially this means the RabbitTV Plus apps are not official for Android or iOS since they're not currently authorized and available from iOS App Store or Google Play Store. For your personal protection, your device will not complete the download and installation unless you give it permission to install the app from outside the app store.

It's completely up to you whether you want to trust RabbitTV Plus as a service to download its unauthorized app to your device. The main risk with downloading apps from outside the Play Store or iTunes is that your personal information could potentially be compromised if the outside source is untrustworthy. We wouldn't install it (although we did for testing purposes).

How RabbitTV Is Different

RabbitTV Plus is an entertainment search and discovery tool—not a streaming service. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu license and host their content on their own platforms, but RabbitTV Plus pulls entertainment information from around the web and then points you in the direction of where you can find a particular show, movie, radio station, TV channel, sports game or newscast on other websites and streaming platforms.

The service searches for and keeps track of over two million web links on a daily basis, providing you with links to both free and premium third-party sites for everything from the latest TV episodes and recently released movies, to live sports games and local news. Your show, movie or other type of content will open in a new window or may be embedded from its third-party source into the RabbitTV Plus site.

In other words, RabbitTV Plus won't give you access to anything you can't already find for free on the internet or on other premium streaming services like Netflix. You could say it's more of a time-saving search tool and one-stop shop for web-based TV and entertainment.

The Cost of a RabbitTV Plus Subscription Plan

Unlike many other entertainment streaming services out theres, RabbitTV dose not offer its users a free trial period upon signup. The cost of its subscription plan is $24 a year.

What's Included in a RabbitTV Plus Subscription Plan

RabbitTV Plus says that it offers subscribers the following:

  • Links to over 400,000 TV show episodes, over 100,000 movies and over 20,000 radio stations
  • A free HD TV antenna for local channels (as long as you pay shipping and handling)
  • Free integration with top premium streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more
  • Optional services like Pay Per View Deal Finder and Live TV packages
  • Account personalization options (favorites, subscription manager, episode alerts)

How to Use RabbitTV Plus

RabbitTV Plus can be accessed and viewed on any internet-connected device from a regular web browser, including computers, laptops and Flash-enabled tablets and smartphones (Flash for mobile has been discontinued, so this is likely to go away). There are also video tutorials for how to set the service up with other popular TV devices like Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick and more.

The Benefits Vs. Drawbacks of Using RabbitTV Plus

RabbitTV Plus offers a lot of perks to those who are interested in a wide variety of content that spans beyond what Netflix or Hulu offers, but some of its drawbacks could prove to be deal breakers for some entertainment enthusiasts. Here are some of the main benefits and drawbacks you can expect.

There is no doubt that using this service could save you some time and maybe even allow you to cancel or reduce your cable bill. Your mileage may vary on this last bit, but it could happen.

Your are paying for a service that only aggregates the content that's already out there. If you know where free content is, there's no need to pay for it. The biggest red flag is that the apps are not available on the App Store or the Google Play store and that you have to jump through some hoops to install the app assuming, of course, you decide to trust the developers of those apps.