How to Open, Edit, & Convert R00 Files

A file with the R00 file extension is a WinRAR Split Compressed Archive file. This file type is normally accompanied by files that have the extension .R01, .R02, .R03, etc.

These split archive files are often created for convenience so that you can download a large archive file over the internet without having to get the whole file at once - you can just download each part individually.

Split files like this are also useful for storing a large archive on something like a disc. If the storage device can only hold, say, 700 MB, but your archive file is five times that size, you could split the archive into five different parts and then store each part on a separate disc.

Screenshot of several R00 files in Windows 10 that open with PeaZip

How to Open an R00 File

You can open R00 files using just about any program that supports RAR files, including the free PeaZip tool, as well as several other free zip/unzip programs. However, it's likely that if you have an R00 file, you also have an R01, R02, R03... etc. You must go through a different process to open multiple .RXX files then you do when there's just one.

To open multiple archive volumes at once, you must first make sure that all of the different parts - the files that have the extension .R00, .R01, etc., are in the same folder - missing even one will break the archive and probably won't even let you combine them into one single file.

Then, you just have to extract the .R00 file. The program should automatically detect the other part files and combine them together, and then extract the contents.

If your file isn't opening like described above, it's possible that you're confusing an ROM file with an R00 file. ROM files are Read Only Memory Image files that should open with a program like Basilisk II or Mini vMac.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the R00 file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open R00 files, you might want to change the default program in Windows.

How to Convert an R00 File

R00 files are only part files, so it would be a tedious process to try to convert each .RXX file to another archive format. Each part is just that anyway - a part of the larger archive, so it wouldn't be very beneficial to have a partially converted archive file.

However, once the different parts of the archive have been combined and the contents extracted, you can use a free file converter to convert the extracted files to a different format. For example, even though you can't convert a single .R00 to ISO, AVI, etc., you can extract the ISO or other files out of the .RXX archive once you've joined the pieces, and then use a free file converter to convert those extracted files to a new format.

You can convert ISO files with a program from this list of converters for occasionally used formats. AVI files are video files that can be converted to other video formats with a free video converter.