31 Quotes About Twitter Under 140 Characters

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Once in a while, you need a break from coming up with witty comments and need someone else to fill up your Twitter feed. We dug through hundreds of quotes about Twitter to find the most interesting, funny, and insightful Twitter quotes that rang in under the original 140 characters for easy copy-and-paste. Feel free to use these in your Tweets whenever you like.

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"Dance like the photo's not being tagged, Love like you've never been unfriended, Tweet like nobody's following." — @PostSecret

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I Tweet, Therefore

"I tweet, therefore my entire life has shrunk to 140 character chunks of instant event & predigested gnomic wisdom. & swearing." — @NeilGaiman

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Our Biggest Revolution Is a Tweet of 141 Characters

"We are the generation of Social Media, Our biggest Revolution is a Tweet of 141 Characters.” — @sandrachami

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He Would Have Tweeted

“If Paul Revere had been a modern-day citizen, he wouldn't have ridden down Main Street. He would have tweeted." — @AlecJRoss

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If You Send Someone a Snarky Tweet

"If you send someone a snarky Tweet, does that make you an Angry Bird?" — @AvramOhm

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Don't Ever Tell People on Twitter

"Don't ever tell people on Twitter that you're tweeting while you're driving ... it's worse than saying you're cutting up kittens" — @robgokee

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"You want me to whatbook? And Tweet? Like a bird? Are you serious?" — @SC_Stephens_

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I'll Klout You

"...don't tell me I should only talk to people with a high influence score, or I'll Klout you..." — @JohnJGeddes (You tell 'em, John!)

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I Don't Tweet Very Much

"I don't tweet very much. I still believe in the mystery of an artist." — @RomeoSantosPage

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I've Had to Learn When Not to Tweet

"I've had to learn when not to tweet. Like, you learn how to keep your mouth shut? Learn to keep your tweet shut." — @thatdanstevens

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Don't Tweet Me Your Breakfast

"Unless it's something really spectacular, don't tweet me your breakfast, I don't care." — @Busyphilipps25

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Tweeting Is Like

"Tweeting is like sending out cool telegrams to your friends once a week." — @TomHanks

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If You Are Tweeting How Busy You Are

"If you are tweeting how busy you are...you're not busy." — @KristinCav

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Twitter Should Ban My Mother

"Twitter should ban my mother." — @alka_seltzer666 (Francis Bean Cobain)

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"Whenever you feel down, you can check on Twitter and feel better about yourself, because it's only people who like you." — @angelcandice

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1% of a Big Number Is a Big Number

"99% [of my Twitter feed is] links, but 1% is me responding and 1% of a big number is a big number." — @GuyKawasaki

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Twitter Is Fun

"Twitter is fun because it lets me stay in touch with all my original readers who grew up with my books." — @RL_Stine (I did!)

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Twitter Is so Short..

"Twitter is so short ... safe. I don't want my bosses to be like, 'Hey, your script is due & we saw you wrote four blog pages" — @mindykaling

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I Refresh Twitter

"I refresh Twitter as thoughtlessly as some twirl their hair." — @LenaDunham

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Twitter Is Not a Technology

"Twitter is not a technology. It's a conversation. And it's happening with or without you." — @charleneli

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It's Not Just About Consuming Content

"It's not just about consuming content, but sharing it, passing it on, and adding to it." — @ariannahuff

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I'm Important Enough for You to Care What I Think

"If you're on Twitter, what you're saying is, 'I'm important enough for you to care what I think'." — @Donald Glover

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Creativity Is a Renewable Resource

"Given a limit of 140 characters, people consistently reaffirm that creativity is a renewable resource." — @biz

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When You've Got 5 Minutes to Fill

"When you've got 5 minutes to fill, Twitter is a great way to fill 35 minutes." — @mattcutts

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"On Twitter, we get excited if someone follows us. In real life, we get really scared and run away." — Unknown

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(Twitter) Closes the Six Degrees of Separation

"It (Twitter) closes the six degrees of separation to one degree of separation." — @garyvee

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Never Use the Words

"The best way to engage honestly with the marketplace via Twitter is to never use the words "engage," "honestly," or "marketplace." — @zeldman

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Twitter Is the Perpetual Cocktail Party

"Twitter is the perpetual cocktail party where everyone is talking at once but nobody is saying anything." — @TeresaMedeiros

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We Trend Justin Bieber Instead

"#Twitter provides us with a wonderful platform to discuss/confront societal problems. We trend Justin Bieber instead." — @laurenleto

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Where One Person Can Help Another Person

"#Twitter is a place where one person can help another person anywhere in the world." — @TweetSmarter

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"Twitter makes me like people I don't even know, and Facebook makes me hate people I know in real life." — @betchaboy

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