10 Quick Twitter Tips for Beginners

Make the most of your time on the social network

Are you new to Twitter? The popular microblogging platform has been around for years now, but that doesn't mean you missed the boat. With a few essential Twitter tips, you can be a pro tweeter in no time. Here's what you need to know.

Decide Whether You Want a Public or Private Profile

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Twitter is an open and public social network where anyone can see your posts and interact with you. By default, your profile is public, but you can change that setting so only the people who follow you (which requires your approval first) can interact with you.

Observe How Users Interact on Twitter

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Before you jump right into tweeting, you may want to consider checking out some other user profiles to see how they use Twitter. You can learn a lot by observing other people's behavior and habits so you have a good idea of what sort of Twitter etiquette exists.

Some of the things you can start doing right away to build your Twitter following include scheduling tweets for maximum exposure, adding visuals to your tweets, and simply tweeting more often.

Learn How Retweets Work

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Retweets are a huge part of Twitter, and they're often what make certain pieces of content go viral. Retweeting is really just a way of sharing another user's tweet and is pretty simple to do, but there are a few different ways of doing it.

You definitely want to figure out how Twitter retweets work and how automatic retweets differ from manual retweets. You should also take a look at quote retweets, which let you add comments to posts you share.

Understand How Hashtags Work

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Hashtags help categorize tweets on Twitter and make it easier for users to find posts according to a specific theme (marked by a hashtag). When you use them correctly, you can attract new followers and interactions.

You can find hashtags for new movies, political causes, news items, and a lot more. Check out the Search tab on Twitter to see what's trending in your area, nationally, or around the world.

Tweet When Your Followers Are Most Active

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Depending on who your Twitter followers are and where they're located in the world, your best tweets may not be visible if you're posting them at a time when your followers aren't paying attention to their feeds. You may want to experiment with tweeting at different times throughout the day to see what results in the most interaction.

Use Twitter From Your Mobile Device

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Twitter is great to use from the regular web, but it really shines from a phone or tablet. You can take your mobile device with you and tweet about what you're doing or whatever thoughts pop up at the moment.

If you're not impressed with the Twitter mobile app or want to see what else is out there, you have other options. There are plenty of third-party Twitter clients available that you might like more.

Post Photos to Make Your Tweets More Visually Appealing

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Tweets with photos in them receive more engagement from followers. That's because they're hard to miss in people's feeds. They grab attention right away. Photos, images, and GIFs are especially more visible on mobile platforms.

Select the image icon in the tweet composer to add up to four photos.

Get More Involved With Conversations by Joining a Twitter Chat

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Twitter can feel a bit lonely if you're only connected to users who tweet once in a while, so joining a Twitter chat or two can be a great way to interact with other like-minded users in real-time, find more users to follow, and attract more followers yourself. It's a great way to expand your network.

Automatically Tweet Your Newest Blog Posts

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If you have your own blog, you can use a tool to automatically tweet out new posts whenever you publish anything new. This saves you the time and energy of doing it manually. Use IFTTT to link a blog to your Twitter account and send out new posts to your followers automatically.

Use Social Media Management Tools to Schedule and Automate Your Tweets

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Speaking of Twitter automation, there are all sorts of amazing third-party tools out there that can connect to your Twitter account and allow you to manage it so much more effectively. You can even write a tweet today and have it automatically scheduled to post tomorrow.

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