Quick Tips to Promote Your Mobile Medical App for the iPhone

doctors using app on tablet and smartphone
GARO/Canopy/Getty Images

Mobile medical apps are a special category of apps that need to be developed and also promoted with great care, in a way that they adhere to all the rules laid down by the FDA as well as the rules laid down by the app store they are intended for. The Apple App Store, which already has stringent rules for app approval, is even more so for medical mobile apps.

Tips For Promoting Your Medical iPhone App

  • Study the app market trends ​beforehand and do a bit of research on the mobile medical apps in existence in the App Store. Make a list of apps similar to your app category and functions, so that you can also think of presenting your app in a different light from the rest of the app in the marketplace.
  • Make sure that the app is of good quality, functions well and also that it is a genuinely useful medical app. Try to ​present the app from a novel perspective, telling the user why this app is special and stands apart from similar apps in the App Store.
  • Using the category “Healthcare”, instead of “Medical”, seems to work better with the masses. Also, use the appropriate subcategory and description for your mobile medical app, so that the user understands its function at the very first glance.
  • Use simple words to describe your app – using technical jargon may prove to be counter-productive, as it may actually end up driving away potential customers, who may get overwhelmed with the high level of information provided.
  • Get in touch with medical-related blogs, authors and Websites, informing them about your app, requesting them to display your app information therein. This will give your app additional mileage.
  • Issue a press release about your app, involving as many representatives of the medical fraternity as possible. Also, include clear and detailed snapshots and videos of your app, giving your visitors a good idea about your app, its general user interface elements and functioning.
  • Create a neatly-designed Website for your app. It would be advisable to create a separate page to highlight each function of your app. This not only helps visitors to understand your app better, but also helps in general search engine promotion.
  • Make sure that your app videos are of very good quality, as that would increase the chances of others sharing your video on medical-related Websites and blogs.
  • Posting videos of your app on YouTube further increases the chances of your app’s visibility and ranking in the App Store. You could also share the same in medical-related groups on social networking Websites.
  • Lastly and most importantly, plan your promotion strategy well in advance, so that you are well in control of all the elements involved here, including the list of Websites to promote your app, the process of issuing your press release, your desired target audience, your estimated budget and so on.

The Bottom Line on Promoting Your Medical iPhone App

While app development is a difficult process in itself, app promotion is yet another story altogether. Promoting a mobile medical app for the iPhone is an especially complex task, which will take a lot of advance planning, to ensure that the entire process goes on smoothly. Following the above-mentioned steps will make it easier for you to go about advertising your app to the medical world.