How to Set up Android 12’s Double-Tap Gesture

Double-tap the back of your Android to access shortcuts

What to Know

  • This is a beta feature of Android 12 and currently only works with the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G devices.
  • You can activate the feature by heading to Settings > System > Gestures and selecting Quick Tap.
  • Other phones may support the feature in the future, but for now, Google has limited it to the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G phones.

Android 12 will introduce a number of new features to smartphone’s running Android. One of the most prominent additions coming to the operating system is the ability to double tap the back of the phone and activate certain features. This article will walk you through how to set up the double tap feature in Android 12, as well as discuss the devices that currently support it.

At the time of this article’s writing, Android 12’s Quick Tap feature is only supported on Pixel 5 and some Pixel 4a 5G devices. It’s unclear what makes certain Pixel 4a 5G devices support it, but many users have been able to activate it on those particular phones after the most recent release of Android 12’s beta.

How Do I Turn on Double Tap Gesture on Android Phone?

With the release of Android 12 Beta 2, users can now enable Double Tap gestures directly through the operating system on Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G phones. We’ve outlined the full details and steps below on how to enable Quick Tap gestures on Android 12.

  1. Open the Settings app in Android 12.

  2. Tap System.

  3. Tap Gestures.

    System and Gestures in Android 12 Settings
  4. From Gestures, tap Quick Tap, then tap the Use Quick Tap slider. If you don’t see it, your phone doesn’t support Android 12’s native double-tap feature.

    Quick Tap and Use Quick Tap slider in Android 12 Settings

By default, Quick Tap is set to take a screenshot, but you can edit it to trigger Google Assistant, pause or play media, open your Recent Apps menu, show the notification shade, or even open a custom application.

How Do I Turn off Double Tap Gesture on My Android?

If you get tired of using the Quick Tap gesture on your Android phone, you can always disable it completely. Follow the steps below to turn double tap gestures off.

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Go to System > Gestures.

  3. Find the Quick Tap listing and move the slider to the off position.

Why Should I Use Double Tap Gestures?

Quick Tap gestures can be a great way to quickly access certain parts of your phone’s system without having to reach across the entire screen. If you use a larger device like the Pixel 5, it can be handy for pulling down the notification shade or even opening an application you use often.

It is worth noting in the current version of Android 12, the Quick Tap feature is not complete and it may not complete the task at times. It is also possible other phones may support the feature in the future, but for now, it’s only available on Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G devices.

  • How do I use my Android in one-handed mode?

    To enable one-handed mode in Android 12, go to Settings > System > Gestures > One-Handed mode. To activate one-handed mode, swipe downward from the bottom of the screen.

  • How do I get Android 12 Beta?

    To get the latest updates before everyone else, register your Google Pixel in the Android Beta for Pixel program. If you have a compatible device, you'll automatically receive Beta updates.

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