Quest 2 Update Adds Magic Keyboard and Hand-Tracking Support

You can open the menu with just a pinch

Meta is rolling out update v37 to its Quest 2 virtual reality headsets, bringing some quality-of-life changes and new features to the device.

According to Meta, the changes include adjustments to the user interface, support for the Apple Magic Keyboard, and a new link sharing feature. v37 will only be available to Android smartphones at first, but the company is working on adding iOS support in the near future.

Oculus Quest 2

Remy Gieling/Unsplash

In this new update, Meta has added a hand-tracked gesture to open the Quick Action Menu. All you have to do is make a pinching motion with your fingers in front of the headset, and the menu will appear, giving you instant access to common actions like taking screenshots.

Tablet and Desktops modes have been added, too, with the former displaying 2D windows on the headset on a single, up-close page. Desktop mode displays large and moveable windows, just like those on the system's previous iteration, but now as a separate feature.

As said previously, the Apple Magic Keyboard has been added to the list of supported Bluetooth devices, giving players a 3D representation of the device and their hands in the headset's environment. It now stands alongside the Logitech K830 as the only two keyboards to have virtual representation on the Quest 2.

With update v37, you'll also be able to quickly and seamlessly share links from an Android phone to the headset via the Oculus Mobile App, but the Quest 2 must be turned on, and Bluetooth enabled on the smartphone.

2022 is slated to be a big year for the Quest 2 with Meta planning more updates and new games, like the MMO Zenith: The Last City, which will launch later this month.

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