"Quake" Cheats and Unlocks for the PC

Change your game environment, grant items, and unlock maps

Quake (PC)
id Software

Unlock levels, give yourself unlimited ammo and more using these Quake cheats and unlocks for the classic first-person shooter video game on the PC.

To enter a cheat, press the tilde (~) key to bring up the console and enter one of the following codes.

Cheat Code Effect
r_fullbright 1 Toggle on bright surfaces
r_fullbright 0 Toggle off bright surfaces
impuse 9 Get all weapons and items
kill Restart on current map with beginning stats
notarget Become invisible to enemies
fly Enable fly mode
impuse 11 Get one rune (repeat four times for all runes)
god Enable god mode
noclip Disable clipping (allows movement through walls
impulse 255 (also impuse -1) Enable quad damage mode
skill # Set difficulty level (# is 0 to 3: 0 = Easy to 3 = Nightmare)
sv_nostep # Toggle ability to use steps (0 disables, 1 enables)
give ammo Get all ammo
give all Get all items
give weapons Get all weapons
sv_friction # Set level of friction on surfaces while moving
give armor shard Get armor shard
give bodyarmor Get body armor
give combat armor Get combat armor
give commander's head Get commander's head
cl_forwardspeed # Set forward movement speed
give C # Get charge amount equal to # (0 to 255)
give H # Get health amount equal to # (0 to 255)
give N # Get nail amount equal to # (0 to 255)
give S # Get Get shell amount equal to # (0 to 255)
givehealth Replenish health
cl_rollangle # Set screen angle while strafing
give invulnerability Get invulnerability
sv_maxspeed # Set movement speed to maximum
give power cube Get power cube
give power shield Get power shield
give red key Get red key
give security pass Get security pass
sv_gravity # Set gravity to #
give slugs Get slugs
cl_sidespeed # Set strafing movement speed
sv_stopspeed# Set time required to stop after moving
give #

Get weapon:

(1) axe

(2) shotgun

(3) super shotgun

(4) nail gun

(5) super nail gun

(6) grenade launcher

(7) rocket launcher

(8) thunderbolt

Unlock All Maps and Levels

You can unlock and access any map using the codes below. Open the console by pressing the tilde (~ )key and enter "map x", where x is one of the map names below.

Example: map e1m5 accesses Gloom Keep. 

Map Code Unlock
start Introduction level
e1m1 The Slipgate Complex
e1m2 Castle of the Damned
e1m3 The Necropolis
e1m4 The Grisly Grotto
e1m5 Gloom Keep
e1m6 The Door to Chthon
e1m7 The House of Chthon
e1m8 Ziggurat Vertigo (hidden level)
e2m1 The Installation
e2m2 The Ogre Citadel
e2m3 The Crypt of Decay
e2m4 The Ebon Fortress
e2m5 The Wizard's Manse
e2m6 The Dismal Oubliette
e2m7 The Underearth (hidden level)
e3m1 Termination Central
e3m2 The Vaults of Zin
e3m3 The Tomb of Terror
e3m4 Satan's Dark Delight
e3m5 The Wind Tunnels
e3m6 Chamber of Torment
e3m7 The Haunted Halls (hidden level)
e4m1 The Sewage System
e4m2 The Tower of Despair
e4m3 The Elder God Shrine
e4m4 The Palace of Hate
e4m5 Hell's Atrium
e4m6 The Pain Maze
e4m7 Azure Agony
e4m8 The Nameless City (hidden level)
end Shub Niggurath's Pit