Review of Pyle PL71PHB Headrest LCD Set

Pyle PL71PHB headrest video
Pyle's PL71PHB monitors offer an easy way to add multiple video displays to a vehicle. Image courtesy of Pyle

There are a handful of different ways to get video in your car or truck, but the easiest is probably to just go with some type of headrest-mounted display like the Pyle PL71PHB Headrest LCD. This type of product is much easier to install than a ceiling-mounted display, and it's usually a cheaper and more satisfying option than upgrading to a video head unit, since it's easier for the passengers to view this type of display.

In the case of the PL71PHB, the passengers can even watch two different video programs, or play their own video games, on the different screens. There is some work involved, and there are also some drawbacks, but it's still one of the easiest and cheapest options out there.

Pyle PL71PHB Headrest LCD: The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a couple of headrest LCD screens, the Pyle PL71PHB will be a pleasant surprise. The price is right, the features are there, and the build quality is excellent. The units are better screens than they are headrests, and installation requires a little bit of wiring work, but these screens are a great buy if you're not looking for something that includes a built-in DVD player.

PL71PHB Pros

  • Units replace existing headrests for easy installation.
  • Each unit had two independent inputs.
  • Compatible with IR headphones.
  • Each unit has its own remote.

PL71PHB Cons

  • No built-in DVD player.
  • Headrests don't fit all vehicles.
  • Headrests don't stay in position when tilted.
  • Power wires may be too short for some vehicles.

Pyle PL71PHB Headrest LCD Description and Specifications

  • Dual 7 inch TFT LCD screens embedded in "universal" headrests.
  • Includes remotes, a/v cables, and power wires.
  • Each unit includes its own speakers and IR transmitter, so they can be used with or without headphones.

Double Duty Headrest Displays 

The Pyle PL71PHB LCD headrests are great little displays, but they aren't particularly good headrests. The build quality is excellent, but your existing headrests are probably more comfortable. Depending on your vehicle, you may even have to remove the screens and reinstall them in your existing headrests.

While Pyle bills these headrest displays as "universal," and they are technically adjustable, your personal experience will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. The way that they work is that you remove your existing headrests and install these instead. In order to accommodate a wide range of different vehicles, the bars that extend from the bottom of the headrests are adjustable. This allows them to slide seamlessly into most seats, but there are some applications where the bars simply won't spread far enough or contract in enough.

If you're unlucky enough to run into that type of situation, you will probably have to ditch the headrest component of these headrest displays. The actual displays will still work, but you'll end up having to cut into your existing headrests, or buy some aftermarket headrest replacements to install the screens in. This is more work than you should really be expected to do for this type of product, but that kind of installation will typically result in more comfortable headrests that match the interior of your vehicle better.

As far as the actual screens are concerned, you'll be hard pressed to find anything better for the money. Each 7 inch display has a 16:9 aspect ratio, and the contrast ratio is high enough that the pictures are pretty clear in full daylight. It's also nice to have multiple inputs, which allows you to plug the units into a central in-dash DVD player, external DVD players, video game systems, or anything else.

It's important to note that you will absolutely need some type of external video source to get any use out of these displays. Each display is literally that: a display. Unlike headrest DVD players, these units do not include a build in DVD player or any other type of video source.

The installation is also a little more involved than some other headrest DVDs and LCD screens because the Pyle PL71HB doesn't include a 12 volt plug out of the box. The power wires have to be connected into your vehicle's electrical system, or you can splice them into a 12 volt plug, which can then be connected to your cigarette lighter or 12 volt accessory socket. So if you're not feeling up to some basic wiring, you'll need to look elsewhere.