Pycharm: The Best Linux Python IDE

PyCharm offers a strong mix of features for serious Python development

Linux is a hard-core programmer's dream operating system—so competition for integrated development environments is fierce. One of the best for Python developers is PyCharm from JetBrains.

PyCharm Features

This IDE offers significant tools to aid Python developers:

  • Refactoring tools
  • Support for version control including Git, Subversion, and Mercurial
  • Code analysis
  • Code completion
  • Syntax and error highlighting
  • Debugging
  • Support for community-based plugins
PyCharm IDE
PyCharm IDE.

Installing PyCharm

PyCharm isn't available from repositories—you must download the tarball from JetBrains and install it manually.

PyCharm offers two versions. The free Community Edition may be used by anyone, and its source code remains publicly available on GitHub. The Professional Edition includes extra tools, including tools like Google App Engine and frameworks like Django and Flask.

PyCharm works like other IDEs. They tend to use the same general appearance. PyCharm, to that end, is comparable to competitors like Eclipse.

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