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Getting Ready to Get Started

Want to put your Blogger blog right on your own personal website. Say you have a website at a website hosting service that offers FTP. If your hosting service doesn't offer FTP then this won't work. You want to have your Blogger blog show up right on your website instead of having people click on your blog and then hope they come back to your site again. This is how you add your Blogger blog to your website.

First, you need to find out what your FTP settings are. You'll need the server name which looks something like: ftp.servername.com. You'll also need the username and password you use to log into your hosting service with.

Before we get started you should log into the hosting service you keep your website on and create a new file called something like "blog" or whatever else you want it to be called. This will be the file that Blogger will put your blog pages into after you have finished combining the two.

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Open FTP Info Page

Log into Blogger. Once logged in click on the tab that says Settings then on the link under the tab that says Publishing. When your Blogger publishing page comes up click on the link that says FTP. You are now ready to start adding your website's FTP information so you can combine your website with your Blogger blog.

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Enter the Server Name

FTP Server: The first thing you need to enter is the server name that you need to use to FTP something. This is something you need to get from your website's hosting service. If your website's hosting service doesn't offer FTP then you can't do this. The server name will look something like this: ftp.servername.com.

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Enter Your Blog Address

Blog URL: This is the file on your hosting server where you want your blog files entered. If you haven't already you need to create a file called "blog", or whatever you want it to be called, just for this purpose. If you haven't created the file yet log into your website's hosting service and create a new folder​ for your blog. Once you have created this folder enter the address for it here. The blog's address will look something like this: http://servername.com/blog.

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Enter Blog's FTP Path

FTP Path: The path for your blog will be the name of the file that you created on your website for the blog to live. If you named your new folder "blog" then the FTP path will look something like this: /blog/.

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Enter Your Blog's Filename

Blog Filename: You are going to create an index file for your blog that will show up on your website. This page will list all your blog entries so people can scroll through them easily. Make sure you don't already have a page with the same name or it will be overwritten. You can call your index page index.html or something else if you want the name to be more personal.

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Enter Your FTP Username

FTP Username: This is where you enter the username that you use when you log into your website's server. This was picked by you when you signed up for your hosting service. Sometimes it's the main part of your website's address ie: if your website's address is mywebsite.hostingservice.com then your username might be mywebsite.

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Enter Your FTP Password

FTP Password: This is where you enter the password you use to log into your website's hosting service. A password is something personal so it could be anything. You picked this password when you signed up for your hosting service at the same time you chose your username.

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When you are finished entering all your FTP information from your website click on the Save Settings button. Now when you post a blog post on Blogger your pages will show up on your website.

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