How to Put Money on a Cash App Card

It's your money, access it how you want

What to Know

  • Add funds to your Cash App account at any time. Tap the bank icon > Add Cash > input the amount > Add.
  • Any balance on your Cash App account is available with a Cash App card.
  • You'll need a linked banking or credit card account to add cash to your Cash App to access with your Cash App card.

This article covers how to add funds to your Cash App card, including adding funds to your Cash App account on any mobile device and how to add funds without using a checking account or credit card. Instructions apply to iPhone and Android devices.

Add Money to Your Cash App Card

You have to have a checking, savings, or credit card account to draw from to use this method for adding cash to your Cash App card. Some credit cards do not allow the transfer of funds to Cash App, although you can use them as a funding source to pay others using Cash App.

  1. To add funds to your Cash App account, open the app and go to the Banking tab, which is the icon that displays your Cash App balance on the bottom, far left. If you have no money available in Cash App, that icon will look like a house or a bank building.

  2. In Banking, tap Add Cash.

  3. On the Add Cash screen, type the amount you want to add to your account and then touch Add.

    Screenshots showing how to add funds to Cash App.
  4. If you have a connected bank account, the funds automatically go into your account.

    If you do not have a linked bank account, you are prompted to link one to finish the process. Select Continue on the prompt.

  5. From the list of available accounts, select your banking establishment.

  6. Enter the username and password for the account.

  7. You may be prompted to confirm your log-in; if so, follow the prompts to complete that confirmation.

  8. After you complete the linking, you receive a confirmation message that the accounts are linked.

    Screenshots of adding a bank account to Cash App.

At this point, the transfer of funds should be complete. If not, go through steps 1 - 3 above to add cash to your Cash App card. After the money transfers, you can immediately use your Cash App card to access those funds.

How the Cash App Card Works

A Cash App Card is a card issued by Cash App that allows you to access any funds available in your Cash App account. This card carries a Visa logo, so it's usable in any store that accepts Visa. The card draws from the funds in your Cash App account. That includes money paid to you by others and money that you add to your Cash App account.

If you don't have a Cash App card, you can request one in Cash App by tapping the card icon in the bottom toolbar. It may take several days for your Cash App card to arrive.

How to Add Cash to Cash App Without a Bank Account

It is possible to add cash to your Cash App card without a bank, but you have to do it through other people. You can give a friend who has Cash App a payment and ask them to send it to you through the app. When you receive it in the app, you can use your Cash App card to access it.

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