How to Put an Amazon Tablet in Kid Mode

Start in the Amazon Kids app and find the right profile

What to Know

  • Configure the content the child can access from inside the Amazon Kids app. You also set up a child profile here.
  • To change child profile settings, open the Amazon Kids app and tap the Settings gear next to the profile.
  • To switch out of kids mode, swipe down from the top of the screen, tap the Profiles icon, then tap your adult profile.

This article explains how to put an Amazon tablet in kid mode. The instructions apply to all Amazon Fire tablet models.

How Do I Change My Amazon Tablet to Kid Mode?

Before you can change to this mode, you need to set up a child profile using the Amazon Kids app. You can have up to four child profiles per device. If you've already created a child profile on your account, you can use the Amazon Kids app to customize what content your child can access.

  1. Open the Amazon Kids app. If you don't see it on your home screen, download it from the Amazon Appstore.

  2. Tap Use Amazon Kids With Your Own Content. Alternatively, you can choose to sign up for Amazon Kids+. An Amazon Kids+ account isn't necessary to make a child profile.

    Amazon Kids+ (formerly known as FreeTime) is a subscription service that gives your child unlimited access to hundreds of age-appropriate books and apps.

  3. Tap Add a new profile or choose a child profile if you have already set up one. When creating an account, provide your child's name and birthdate. If your device doesn't have a password, you'll be prompted to create one.

    Amazon Kids app, Use Amazon Kids with your own content, Add a new profile on Fire tablet
  4. Tap Learn more to read about the different features you can control, or tap Continue.

  5. Use the slider to choose an access level (Limited, Moderate, or Full). Underneath, you can toggle individual features. Tap Continue when you're satisfied.

    All of these settings can be changed later after you finish setting up the child profile.

  6. Choose which apps you want to allow access to on the child profile, then tap Continue.

    Learn More, Moderate Access, and check mark on child profile in Amazon Kids app
  7. Choose how you want to receive notifications about your child's activities, then tap Continue.

  8. You'll arrive at the home screen for Amazon Kids. Anytime you want to switch to kid mode, open the Amazon Kids app and tap the child profile.

    The first time, you may see a pop-up letting you know the profile will be added to your lock screen. Tap Continue.

    Receive Notifications By, Child Profile icon, and Continue in Amazon Kids app

Change What Happens When You Put an Amazon Fire in Kid Mode

By default, kid mode is limited to a few apps that come preloaded on the device. To manage the types of content your child can access, open the Amazon Kids app and tap the Settings gear next to the child profile. If you want to add approved apps and websites or share YouTube videos, tap Add Content.

Settings gear, Add content, and Share Content options in Amazon Kids app

Control Child Profiles From the Amazon Parent Dashboard

Once you've created a child profile, you can log in to the Amazon Parent Dashboard in any web browser to see a log of each profile's activity. Select the Settings gear next to a profile to set daily screentime limits, disable in-app purchases, and set up Alexa parental controls for smart home devices like your Amazon Echo or Echo Show.

Settings Gear next to child profile on the Amazon Parent Dashboard website

Amazon Fire Tablet Parental Controls

In addition to creating child profiles, you can set up parental controls on your Fire tablet to prevent purchases and limit access to certain apps. Just like with switching out of kid mode, a password is required to turn off parental controls.

Go to Settings > Parental Controls and turn on Parental Controls. You can then configure controls for the active profile, or tap Household Profiles to edit restrictions for each profile.

Parental Controls, toggle switch, and Household Profiles in Fire tablet settings

Amazon Fire Tablets for Kids

Amazon makes tablets specifically for kids such as the Fire HD 10 Kids. On top of the durable design with a thick plastic casing, the purchase price of Fire Kids tablets includes a year of Amazon Kids+ and advanced parental control options. Once you set up the Fire Kids tablet with your Amazon account, you can control it remotely from your own device with the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

Set Up an Amazon Teen Account

For older kids, Amazon offers teen profiles. With teen profiles, kids can put items in your shopping cart, but they can't complete purchases without your approval. Just head over to the Amazon teen account setup page and select Sign Up Now.

Sign up now on the Amazon teen account page
  • How do I get an Amazon tablet out of kid mode?

    To switch out of kid mode, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the Profiles icon (the silhouette). Then, tap your adult profile. Enter your password to log out of the child profile. You can then tap the child profile icon to switch back to kid mode whenever you want.

  • How do I set up Alexa on an Amazon tablet in Kid Mode?

    You can set up a kid-friendly version of the digital assistant in the Alexa app. Go to Devices > All Devices > choose an Alexa-compatible device, and then turn on Amazon Kids. From there, you can add a kid to the Alexa profile and set time and content limits.

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