Like That Instagram Comment? Put a Pin in It

Instagram rolls out pinned comments to virtually all users

This new tool will help you keep favorite, most complimentary, and kindest comments at the top and, perhaps, help shut down Instagram bullies.

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There's nothing more disheartening than someone dropping a mean comment right under your throwback Instagram photo, especially when most of the other interactions are so positive. Now Instagram is offering you a way, with pinned comments, to ensure that the first comments people see are the ones you choose.

What did Instagram do: After beta testing the feature on a select group of users last month, the popular photo-sharing social media platform officially rolled out pinned comments to all users and announced as much in a Tweet on Tuesday. Pinned comments (up to three) will remain at the top of all your Instagram comments, even after new ones are added to your post.

Where is it? Lifewire found and tested the feature on iOS, but has not yet found it on Android.

How can I pin: The feature is slightly hidden but still easy to use. In Instagram on iOS, you put your finger on a comment and slide left to reveal a few menu options, including Delete, Report, Reply, and the new Pin, which looks like a pushpin.

The first time you use Pinned Comments, you'll see a short explanation screen. After that, the minute you select the pushpin, the comment is pinned to the top of your comments. You can't control the order. Whichever comment you pin last is the comment that will show up at the top.

To undo a pin, slide to reveal the comment menu and select the pushpin icon again. You'll get a confirmation message. If you select it, the comment is unpinned.

They'll know: Pinning comments to the top of your feed will help push down comments that you want to hide, but the action also automatically notifies the original commenter that you liked their comment enough to pin it.

Bottom line: While this is a nice-to-have feature for many Instagram users who rarely get comments, pinned comments are a potential sanity saver for popular and busy Instagrammers who typically get dozens or even hundreds of comments and struggle to manage new ones, especially the harassing kind. In this way, those new mean comments may never appear on the first Instagram screen.

Via: The Verge

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