How to Set up Zoho Mail As a Push Email Account

Zoho Mail on a computer

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Keep your inbox tidy and get your messages almost instantly while you are roaming if you are using Zoho Mail. With Zoho Mail's Exchange ActiveSync interface, you can add your inbox and other folders to Windows Phone Mail, Android Mail, and iPhone/iPad Mail. They will automatically synchronize, with push notifications, at almost the instant an email arrives. Not only will it sync email, but it can also be enabled to sync contacts and calendar items.

Although Windows Phone is no longer an updated technology Lifewire maintains this article as a resource for remaining Windows Phone users.

Zoho Mobile Sync

The mobile sync feature is free for all users, but it doesn't work with POP accounts in Zoho Mail, only with Zoho domain accounts. If you are syncing other accounts through Zoho Mail, you would need to add them separately to your Windows Phone Mail. If you are using Zoho Mail through an organization, your mail administrator may need to enable mobile sync for your account.

Set up Zoho Mail As a Push Email Account in Windows Phone Mail

To add a Zoho Mail account to Windows Phone Mail with push notification (and download) of new messages as well as, optionally, calendar and contact synchronization:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Choose email & accounts.
  3. Tap add an account.
  4. Tap advanced setup.
  5. Type your Zoho Mail address under Email address.
  6. Enter your Zoho Mail password under Password.
  7. Tap next.
  8. Choose Exchange ActiveSync.
  9. In the domain field, you can enter anything.
  10. Enter under Server.
  11. Make sure Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection is checked.
  12. Select how you want to download new content and how much previously received email to download.
  13. Check what content you want to sync: email, contacts, calendar.
  14. Tap Sign In.

Two-Way Zoho Mail Sync

Now that you have the sync set up, here is how it will operate. Whatever you do with your mail on your Windows phone will be mirrored in your Zoho Mail account. If you view and delete mail on your phone, it will also show as viewed and deleted on Zoho Mail.

You can have both automatic and manual mail fetch, compose and send mail, use and edit filters, forward and reply to email and move mail from one folder to another.

Zoho Contacts Sync With WindowsMobile Contacts

You can also sync your contacts if you enable that option in your account setup as above. The fields that will sync are first name, last name, job title, company, email, work phone, home phone, mobile, fax, others, work address, home address, date of birth and notes. Any other fields will not sync between Zoho Contacts and Windows Contacts.

Zoho Calendar Sync With WindowsMobile Calendar

Update your calendar on Zoho or on your Windows mobile device and it will sync adding, updating, and deleting events. However, it won't sync the category filed in Windows Calendar with Zoho Calendar.