How to Set Up Zoho Mail as a Push Account in Android

Screenshots showing how to setup Zoho Mail in the Mail app on Android.

Faster is not always better. But when it is...well, you need to be fast.

In Android Email, Zoho Mail can be just about as speedy as the internet. Added as an Exchange ActiveSync account, a Zoho Mail inbox's messages appear almost the instant they arrive at your address.

In addition to a push inbox, you can access all your Zoho Mail folders. Messages in these folders are not delivered instantly, though. Sending mail also works, of course.

Setting up Zoho Mail via Exchange ActiveSync also lets you add your primary Zoho Calendar itinerary and your Zoho Mail address book to Android easily.

Set Up Zoho Mail as a Push Email Account in Android Email

Note: Exchange ActiveSync for Zoho Mail is only available with paid accounts.

To add Zoho Mail as a push Exchange ActiveSync account to Android Email:

  1. Open Email.
  2. If you do not have an existing mail account set up in your Email program, you'll be prompted to set up an account. Tap Add New Account. (If you have an existing email account, you can still add your Zoho mail account. Just go into Settings and choose Add Account.)
  3. Type your Zoho Mail address in the Email address field.
  4. Enter your Zoho Mail password in the Password field.
  5. Tap Manual Setup.
  6. You're prompted to Select account type. Choose Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
  7. Enter your email address in the Email Address Field.
  8. Enter \username (replacing "username" with your Zoho username) in the Domain\username field.
  9. Enter under Exchange Server.
  10. Make sure Use secure connection (SSL) is checked.
    1. You can leave Use client certificate unchecked.
  11. Tap Next.
  12. Make sure Sync email from this account is checked.
  13. Now make sure Automatic (Push) is selected under Inbox checking frequency.
  14. Pick the number of days of email you want Email to synchronize automatically.
  15. Optionally:
    1. Check Sync contacts from this account to have the Zoho Mail address book added to Android People as an additional account.
    2. Check Sync calendar from this account to add your default Zoho Mail calendar to Android Calendar.
      1. Additional calendars set up in Zoho Calendars will not be available in Android Calendar.
      2. Adding Zoho Calendar calendars will not interfere with existing calendars.
  1. Also optional, check Notify me when email arrives for new mail notifications.
  2. Tap Next.
  3. Enter an account title different from your Zoho Mail address under Give this account a name (optional) if you like.
  4. Tap Next again.

Note that only the Zoho Mail inbox will get the push email and automatic synchronization treatment (even if you select Automatic (Push) for a different folder's Sync options).