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PureVolume Music Service
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PureVolume is a music service that has been in existence since 2003. It essentially provides a platform for artists to upload and promote their music. For the listener, the content is free to stream, and in some cases download too.

Most of the music which makes up this service's catalog is from independent bands and artists. This means that you'll find a lot of emerging new talent which mainstream services (like Spotify for example) don't often have.

The service also provides a social networking environment where you can (as a listener) connect with other users and artists. PureVolume can also be used to search for live events nationwide so you can see what's going on near you.

But, what is it like as a digital music service?

Service Description

  • Type: Unlimited, free and legal.
  • Music library: Over 2.5 million artists.
  • Available music formats: MP3.
  • Music Delivery: Streaming and downloads.


  • Website is easy to navigate and use.
  • Good selection of music genres to browse through.
  • Music is free to stream and download.


  • Streaming can be painfully slow at times.
  • No advanced search option -- for finding downloads only for example.
  • No mobile apps available.

Using The PureVolume Website

The website is well designed, cleanly laid out and quite intuitive to use. The main menu options are displayed at the top of the screen for easy access. There are also further sub-menu tabs displayed beneath this which change depending on the main menu option you click on.

This user-interface is certainly an intelligent and easy way to quickly navigate the PureVolume service.

The listener account screen has a useful set of options to manage your posts, photos, favorite artists, friends list, etc. There's also the option to create playlists. This last feature is particularly useful if you want to add a particular artist or search for a song name.

But, what is the service like when listening to music?

Most of the content is streaming only. For this, a basic player is offered to control music playback. The options include play, pause, skip (forwards / backward), and volume up/down. However, when streaming music from PureVolume, there are times when audio delivery is painfully slow. When trying to play some of the tracks, the browser sometimes just sits there waiting for a connection -- this is frustrating and could drive away first-time visitors.

Music And Video Content

There is a small selection of music videos on PureVolume. But, it is the audio that is predominantly catered for. The selection on offer is reasonably large with over 2.5 million artists promoting their creations.

PureVolume's music library is mainly made up of streaming audio content, but there are quite a lot free downloads to be had too. The MP3 format is used for downloads. The audio quality for these can be variable. Tracks that come at 128 Kbps tend to be low resolution by today's standards. However, it's probably OK if you intend on listening using the standard audio equipment.


For the listener, PureVolume's strength is arguably its non-mainstream content.

If you like discovering independent new talent away from the usual music found on more popular services, then PureVolume is a refreshing change.

It's essentially a music-based community where record labels, artists, and listeners can interact. Artists get a great set of promotional tools enabling them to, upload music, photos, and announce tour dates. If you are a listener searching for new music, then you'll find PureVolume a great resource for streaming and download tracks too.

There is a reasonable spread of music genres that you can browse through and a good search facility. The streaming audio service at times can be painfully slow which impacts on the user-experience.

That said, PureVolume is certainly worth a look if you are in need of some fresh music to listen to.

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