How to Purchase Tickets on Ticketmaster

Buy tickets to your favorite shows

Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is easily the biggest player in the event tickets market, both online and with brick-and-mortar stores. The vast majority of events sell their tickets through Ticketmaster, so if you're looking to attend a local concert, sporting event, or theater show, you're probably going to need to purchase tickets from Ticketmaster.

How to Purchase Tickets from Ticketmaster

Buying tickets through Ticketmaster is a fairly simple process.

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to Ticketmaster. When you first arrive, you should notice the website has detected your location and is already displaying popular events in your area. If you're using a VPN, this won't be the case.

  2. Select Sign In in the upper-right corner.

    Ticketmaster sign in
  3. A new window will open with a login form. If you already have a Ticketmaster account, sign in here. If not, select Sign up near the bottom of the window.

    Ticketmaster sign in or sign up
  4. The window will shift to accommodate the larger account creation form. Fill out the form and be sure to provide accurate information. This information will be used for your tickets. When you're done, select Sign Up at the bottom of the form.

    Ticketmaster sign up finish
  5. Once your account is finalized and activated, return to the Ticketmaster home page to sign in.

  6. Now that you're signed in, you can start looking for events. Use the search function on the home page to look for events, artists, or venues.

    As you start typing, Ticketmaster will provide suggestions. If you have previous searches, those will be displayed first.

    Ticketmaster Event Search
  7. Once you've entered a search, Ticketmaster will present you with a list of matching events. Usually, it will place nearby events at the top of your search results to make them easier to find.

    Ticketmaster Search Results
  8. If you've found what you're looking for, select the event to search for tickets.

  9. Ticketmaster will take you to the event page for the show you're looking at. Across the top of the page, it will display information about the event, the venue, and the date.

    The bulk of the page is occupied by a map of the venue where the event takes place and a listing of available tickets. The map fills the left three quarters of the page, with the list on the remaining right quarter

  10. There are controls above the map section of the page that allow you to refine your ticket search. Pick the number of tickets you want to buy, and use the slider to choose your desired price range per ticket.

    As you make these changes, the tickets listed on the right side will update to reflect your preferences. The map will also update to only highlight the tickets you want.

    Ticketmaster buying tickets
  11. You're going to need the map to be able to pinpoint the location of your tickets. Select one of the highlighted sections on the map and the image will zoom in on your selected section.

    The zoomed in view shows individual seats as small circles; blue circles are available, gray ones are not, and light blue ones are outside your search parameters. You can also see an accurate layout of the section in the zoomed view, allowing you to choose the location of your tickets.

    Ticketmaster Zoomed Ticket Map
  12. When you have tickets you'd like to purchase, select the circles on the map and they'll change to green checkmarks. The right side of the window will change to show your tickets, information about them, and your current purchase total. Once you've selected all of your tickets, choose Get Tickets.

    Ticketmaster get tickets
  13. Ticketmaster will ask if you want to purchase any add-ons or extras related to the event. Usually, this means parking, but sometimes you can buy exclusive access or even merchandise, too. Nothing here is mandatory, so you can click through this step without adding anything.

    Ticketmaster Parking Options
  14. Depending on your event, you can choose how you would like your tickets delivered. Almost every event will make digital delivery available. It's free, and it's the quickest and most direct way to get your tickets. If you prefer traditional printed tickets, you can usually get those too, for an additional charge. Will-call pickup is also an option for venues that support it.

    Most of the time, digital delivery offers both mobile tickets and the option to print. For some events, mobile is the only option. For that, you'll need to pull up your Ticketmaster account on your mobile device to get in.

    Ticketmaster Delivery Options
  15. Enter your payment information. If you've already set up a credit card, you'll see it listed. Otherwise, select Add New Card, and fill out the information for the card you'd like to pay with.

    You can also choose to add ticket insurance if you want it, but it's not mandatory.

    Ticketmaster add new card
  16. When you're absolutely certain of your purchase, select Place Order.

  17. Ticketmaster will take you to a confirmation page showing your order was successfully placed and give you a confirmation number. They will also send you an email detailing your purchase.

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