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Public Domain Torrents is a website that has hundreds of free movies you can download.

Although most of these movies require you to download a torrent file for use with a torrent client, it's completely legal and free to download movies at Public Domain Torrents.

Public Domain Torrents often behaves erratically. Download movies elsewhere or try a free movie streaming website if you can't get this one to work.

Public Domain Torrents Free Movie Downloads

Public Domain Torrents website

There are tons of great movie genres at Public Domain Torrents. You can find videos listed under drama, horror, musicals, and westerns, family, animation, action and adventure, comedy, martial arts, war, mystery and suspense, sci-fi, fantasy, exploitation, war, and serials.

You can filter through all the movies to find the most shared movies and the most recently added movies. This makes it easy to find the most popular and newest movies available.

You can also browse all the free movie downloads from one page. There are over 900 to look through!

Some of the most popular movie downloads on this website include A Boy and His Dog, Night of the Living Dead, Nosferatu, Gulliver's Travels, Sherlock Holmes - Dressed to Kill, The House on Haunted Hill, The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler, and The Little Shop of Horrors.

Public Domain Torrents is good for movie downloads but also for streaming so that you don't have to download them (they're listed here).

Public Domain Torrents Video Quality

Because these movies are shared via torrents, the quality of each download can be vastly different. We tested a few movies and found their quality to be as decent as a regular DVD movie.

Fortunately, because movie downloads are played locally from your computer instead of streamed over the internet, you can get the highest possible quality from the video. This is unlike streaming where the quality can be diminished due to buffering issues.

However, it should be understood that because most if not all of the selection is older films, and since the quality of older movies is usually lower than modern movies, having full access to the file (versus streaming) still doesn't mean you'll get HD movies.

Benefits of Registering With Public Domain Torrents

The only benefit of registering with Public Domain Torrents is that you can rate movies and leave your own comment.

If you don't register, you're still able to download every movie torrent.

Where Public Domain Torrents Gets Its Movies

Public Domain Movies is able to release movies when the copyright expires or the original owners don't renew their copyright.

Movies at Public Domain Torrents aren't automatically legal. Although the intent of the website is to provide legal downloads, some torrents may be outdated, and thus the information regarding the copyright of certain movies may also be outdated. This means some movies at Public Domain Torrents may actually not be publicly available.

Pay For Movies With Public Domain Torrents

Instead of downloading movies from Public Domain Torrents, you can optionally buy a physical DVD with the movies preloaded on it. This is available for every title.

There's also an option to buy every single movie available at Public Domain Torrents on one massive external hard drive.