PSP Utility Software for Your PC or Mac

How to sync your PSP and your computer, and other useful things

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You can transfer all kinds of files to your PSP using just a USB cable, provided you know how the PlayStation Portable requires the files on memory sticks to be arranged.

If you've got a lot of stuff you want to sync, it's easier to get some software to handle it for you. One advantage of using software on your computer to sync your PSP is that most utility programs can perform other useful tasks, like auto-resizing photos or converting videos to a PSP-friendly format.

Unfortunately, Sony no longer supports MediaGo, the official app for managing PSP files, and its replacement, Sony Content Manager Assistant, is only compatible with the PlayStation Vita. Therefore, your options for managing PSP files are somewhat limited.

Nonetheless, here are three programs (some for Windows, some for Mac) that will sync your PSP and perform a variety of other tasks quickly and easily.


What We Like
  • Simple interface makes for easy file management.

  • Store data from different devices in one place.

What We Don't Like
  • Wireless syncing feature costs extra.

  • Other premium features feel superfluous.

Developer: doubleTwist
Platform: Windows, Mac
Price: Free
Syncs: iTunes, iPhoto, video
Other Features: automatic conversion for many media formats

iTunes support and automatic file conversion are definitely big pluses, and the number of supported devices is impressive. If you're a technophile with a lot of devices you want to sync to your music, photo, and video playlists, this may be a good choice.


What We Like
  • Supports multiple operating systems.

  • Great technical support for paying customers.

What We Don't Like
  • Free version doesn't include cross-platform support.

  • Requires extra effort to sync with non-Mac devices.

Developer: Eltima
Platform: Mac
Price: Free basic or $39.95 Expert
Syncs: iCalendar, Address Book, iTunes, iPhoto, video, user-created folders, Entourage, and Mail notes, Safari bookmarks
Other Features: online backup, auto-sync, activity log, ToDo plugin

This really appears to be more suited to smartphones than the PSP, but users who also use a smartphone may find it useful. Unfortunately, most of the more interesting features are only available in the (rather pricey) "Expert" version.

Media Go

What We Like
  • Easy to install and set up.

  • Designed specifically for managing PSP files.

What We Don't Like
  • Importing large libraries can take a while.

  • No longer supported by Sony.

Developer: Sony
Platform: Windows
Price: free
Syncs: Media Go library (music, video, game downloads)
Other Features: game save backup, PlayStation Store integration

If you're a PC user, this is probably the easiest choice for syncing your PSP. It's free and still has its uses. The biggest advantage of Media Go over third-party software is probably its direct connection to the PlayStation Store--your downloads are automatically added to your library when you access the Store through Media Go.

Although Media Go is no longer available from Sony, you can still download it from other websites and set up Media Go to manage your PSP files.

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