PSP Utility Software

Synch Your PSP and Your Computer, and Other Useful Things

If you know how the PSP needs the files on its memory sticks arranged, you can transfer files of many kinds to your PSP using just a USB cable. But if you've got a lot of stuff you want to sync, it's easier to get some software to handle all that for you. One other advantage of using software on your computer to sync your PSP is that most utility programs also do other useful tasks, like auto-resizing photos or converting video to a PSP-friendly format. Here (in alphabetical order) are six programs (some Windows, some Mac) that will sync your PSP and do a variety of other tasks quickly and easily.


Evan Amos/Wikimedia CC 2.0

Developer: doubleTwist
Platform: Windows, Mac
Price: free
Devices: PSP, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android phones, Palm Pre, Nokia phones, Windows Mobile, Kindle, Nintendo DS and many others
Syncs: iTunes, iPhoto, video
Other Features: automatic conversion for many media formats

Notes: iTunes support and automatic file conversion are definitely big pluses, and the sheer number of supported devices is incredible. If you're a technophile with a lot of devices you want to sync to your music, photo, and video playlists, this might be a good choice.


Developer: mark/space
Platform: Mac (Windows version coming soon)
Price: $19.95
Devices: PSP, Kindle, Nook, Sony EReader, plus an assortment of phones, GPSs, media players, and digital photo frames
Syncs: iTunes, iPhoto, Windows Media Player (Windows version), user-created photo and video folders
Other Features: ringtone editor

Notes: GoGadget was developed first for the Mac, which means it's probably a good choice for a Mac user. It doesn't support as many devices as doubleTwist, but if you're mainly looking for something for your PSP, this one looks like a slick, easy-to-use program. Mark/space also developed the "Missing Sync" line of syncing software, but the PSP version has been replaced by GoGadget.

Media Go

Developer: Sony
Platform: Windows
Price: free
Devices: PSP
Syncs: Media Go library (music, video, game downloads)
Other Features: game save backup, PlayStation Store integration

Notes: If you're a PC user, this is probably the easiest choice for syncing your PSP. It's free and gets regular updates and it'll probably be around in some version of another for as long as there is a PSP. The biggest advantage of Media Go over third-party software is probably its direct connection to the PlayStation Store--your downloads are automatically added to your library when you access the Store through Media Go.

PSP Feeder

Developer: Wide Angle
Platform: Windows
Price: $12.99
Devices: PSP
Syncs: iTunes, Internet Explorer bookmarks, Windows address book, Outlook/Outlook Express contacts​
Other Features: resizes and compresses photos, converts video, generates video thumbnails, save game backup

Notes: Wide Angle no longer produces or supports PSP Feeder, so it's not a good choice if you expect it to keep working indefinitely, but its still available from download sites so if you need something to sync your IE bookmarks or Outlook contacts you might want to check it out.


Developer: Nullriver
Platform: Windows, Mac
Price: $15
Devices: PSP
Syncs: iTunes; iPhoto; Mac Address Book; Safari, Firefox, Camino or OmniWeb bookmarks
Other Features: game save backup, syncs automatically, uses iTunes to record live audio streams, converts and optimizes video, can sync different content to different memory sticks

Notes: If you're a Mac user looking for software specifically for syncing a PSP, this one looks like a good pick. It was designed specifically for the PSP, so it isn't cluttered with support for other platforms. And if you're a Windows user but you want to sync iTunes instead of creating a new library, PSPWare might be a good replacement for MediaGo.


Developer: Eltima
Platform: Mac
Price: Free basic or $39.95 Expert
Devices: PSP, Mac, and Windows computers, Windows mobile, Android phones, Nokia phones, Google accounts, USB drives, online storage,
Syncs: iCalendar, Address Book, iTunes, iPhoto, video, user-created folders, Entourage and Mail notes, Safari bookmarks
Other Features: online backup, auto sync, activity log, ToDo plugin

Notes: This really appears to be more suited to smartphones than the PSP, but users who also use a smartphone might find it useful. Unfortunately, most of the more interesting features are only available in the (rather pricey) "Expert" version.