Sony PSP-1000 System Hacks and Tips

Customize your PSP and connect it to you car stereo

Junko Kimura / Staff / Getty Images

Since the original PlayStation Portable was launched in 2004, Sony has released several different models of its handheld game system. If you have the PSP-1000, you can set the home screen's background color, add custom save file images, and even connect your PSP to your car's audio system.

Information in this article applies specifically to the PSP-1000 model.

How to Choose a Background Color and Keep It the Same

The PSP background screen will automatically change colors every month. To pick a color you like and have it stay that way, go into the settings and select the month with the color you want. When it changes, re-select the month.

How to Change Save File Images

Whenever you save a game, one or two image files are created on your memory stick:

  • ICON0.PNG: A 144x80 icon representing your save file.
  • PIC1.PNG: A 480x272 background that's displayed when you select the save file or game disk.

It's possible to customize your save icons and backgrounds by replacing them with new PNG files:

  1. Connect your PSP to your PC via a USB cable.

  2. Navigate to PSP > SAVEDATA.

    Navigate to PSP > SAVEDATA.
  3. Open the sub-folder containing the files you want change, then rename the ICON0 and PIC1 files ICON0.ori and PIC1.ori in case you ever want to change them back to the originals.

    Rename the ICON0 and PIC1 files ICON0.ori and PIC1.ori in case you ever want to change them back to the originals.
  4. Resize the image you want as your save icon to 144x80 and save it as a PNG file named ICON0.

    The new image should be less than or equal to the original file's resolution, or else the PSP will cut off sections to make it fit.

  5. Resize the image you want as the background to 480x272 and save it as a PNG file named PIC1.

  6. Move the new pictures into the save folder.

Don't change any other files on your PSP to avoid causing irreparable damage to your device.

How to Connect the PSP-1000 to a Car Stereo

To play audio from your PSP through your car stereo, you need an FM modulator with a male stereo 1/8" headphone connector at one end and split-left-and-right RCA connectors at the other.

Do not attempt unless you are sure you know how to properly hook up an FM modulator. If done incorrectly, it can damage or even short out the PSP.

  1. Connect the modulator's wire with the "in" line fuse to your car's battery or switch.

  2. Connect the ground wire to the frame.

  3. Set the car's CD or tape deck to the FM frequency that is on the modulator. The frequency is usually 88.7 or 89.1.

  4. Plug the RCA connectors from the cable into the RCA jacks on the modulator.

  5. Plug the headphone end of the cable into the PSP.

  6. Turn on the PSP with the volume set at half.

The PSP's sound goes through your car's antenna. No extra wires are needed. Your games, music, and movies will now play through your car's stereo speakers.