Flying Games and Sims for PSP

There aren't a whole lot of flight sims available for the Sony PlayStation Portable—the PSP. In fact, you can count them on your fingers and not run out of digits. Fortunately, the ones that are still out there are pretty decent.

These games were developed for the PSP. Games for the PS Vita, which followed the PSP, are also available online.

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

Ace Combat X
Image courtesy of namco

Released just about everywhere (Japan, Europe, Australia and North America), "Ace Combat X" includes 40 upgradeable planes and a variety of game modes. There is a single-player storyline, plus wireless  multiplayer action for up to four players. The setting is a fictional world with many similarities to the real world.

Aces of War

"Aces of War" aims to create a true SIM of the air battles of World War II, but it also includes are arcade mode. It is single-player only and includes a free-flight mode that lets players fly wherever they want to. The game was released in Japan and Europe. 

After Burner: Black Falcon

"After Burner: Black Falcon" is an arcade-style flight combat sim featuring 19 customizable planes. There are three main modes: single-player, two-player co-op, and multiplayer (up to 8) combat. The game was released in North America, Europe, and Australia.​ 

Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II

This World War II arcade flight SIM lets players choose from four factions and recreates 17 authentic planes. There is a single-player story with a variety of mission types, and up to eight players can dogfight at once. "Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II" was released in North America. 


'Heatseeker' is a single-player-only modern combat flight SIM featuring more than 30 different jets. The player can choose between first- and third-person viewpoints, and environments are destructible. The game also includes an impact cam that follows a missile to allow for better targeting. "Heatseeker" came out in North America, Europe, and Australia. 

IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey

Players fly 30 missions from six World War II battles in "IL-2 Sturmovik." There are more than 30 planes, of which 14 are flyable, and the multiplayer mode consists of two-player head-to-head dogfights. It was released in North America and Europe.