PS5 System Update Adds Discord Chat and New Voice Commands

You can also now wirelessly update controllers

Sony just dropped a PS5 system update that adds a bevy of highly-anticipated features.

First up, the company has majorly beefed up Discord support, so you can join Discord calls right from the console. The call must originate from a PC or mobile app, but once instigated, you can simply transfer the call to the PS5 using a series of prompts. This feature offers multiplatform support, so you will be able to chat with your friends playing on an Xbox or PC. 

Sony PS5


Discord integration also improves multiplatform crossplay, as you will be able to organize play sessions without relying on in-game chat features. Microsoft lets Xbox users join voice channels without needing a phone or PC, so let's see if Sony continues improving this feature to match competitors. 

The Discord stuff is just one aspect of this update, however, as it brings support for new voice commands. Just ask the console to capture in-game footage, for instance, and it will do just that. You can even use voice commands to ask for custom-timed clips, like asking the system to "capture the last three minutes of gameplay." 

The update also lets you update your DualSense controllers wirelessly, so you can avoid a needless trip to the console with a cable to plug into a port. 

Finally, Sony has improved the 1440p mode, adding a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) mode for smoother visual performance while gaming. The update also increases the number of monitors that can display content in 1440p from the console, which is always lovely.

PS5’s new system update launches today, so head into system settings and follow the prompts. 

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