PS5 Beta Adds 1440p Resolution, Social Fixes, and More

Plus support for folders

Sony is testing out several new PlayStation 5 personalization and social features in the latest PS5 beta.

Sony's newest beta for the still somewhat difficult-to-find console is testing out several new features (that may or may not see a wider release in the future).

PlayStation 5 console


In this beta, Sony introduces 1440p as a resolution option for compatible TVs and computer monitors. Sony states that using the 1440p setting on a higher resolution monitor could improve anti-aliasing and make things look a little smoother.

Gamelists, which allow you to sort the games in your library into several categories of your own choosing, have also been added as an organization option. The feature now allows up to 15 separate lists, with each list holding up to 100 different titles.

PS5 1440p resolution option


Many social features are also being tested, including an option for party members to request a screen share from others, if they want to watch their gameplay. If one of those party members starts playing a game, you can jump in to join them directly through the pop-up notification.

The latest PS5 beta test is available today for selected participants via email invite in Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the US Sony said it expects that these features (subject to change or removal since it is still a beta) will be availably publicly later this year.

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