Complete Guide to the PS Vita

Everything You Need to Know About Sony's PlayStation Vita

The short answer to that question is, obviously, that the PS Vita is the latest portable PlayStation and the successor to the PSP. A somewhat longer answer is that it's a pocket-sized (if you have big pockets) multimedia device that is primarily for playing games, but which can also play music and movies, browse the web, and keep you connected to your social networks. For more essential information on what the PlayStation Vita is and what is can do, see the following articles.

  • What Does the PS Vita Mean for Gamers? Here's a translation of what all those fancy specs will mean when you've actually got a PS Vita in your hands.
  • 5 Ways the PS Vita is What Gamers Wanted in the First Place The PSP was a lovely thing, but there were certain elements lacking, things that gamers really, really wanted. Here's how the PS Vita is the PSP we wanted in the first place.
  • PS Vita Specifications For those who like raw data, here's the list of the PlayStation Vita's hardware specs.
  • PS Vita Compatible File Formats and Memory Cards Find out what files the PS Vita can actually play, and what removable media are compatible with the system.
  • PS Vita Images If all you want is to look at pictures of the shiny, shiny glory that is the PlayStation Vita, here's an image gallery.
  • What's in the Wi-Fi PS Vita Box? Find out exactly what you're getting in the package in this step-by-step unboxing of the Wi-Fi model.
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Is the PS Vita Good for Kids?

Whether or not you want to give a pricey new handheld to your kids probably depends on your kids and your budget, but there are certain things to consider before you lay out the cash to give your little ones a PS Vita of their own.

  • Guide to the PS Vita All the things you need to know about the PS Vita if you're considering purchasing one for the little ones.
  • Using the PS Vita's Parental Controls The PS Vita has somewhat more flexible parent controls than the PSP did. Here's what you can do, and where to find the options.
  • 3 Things Parents Will Love About the PS Vita It may be expensive and sophisticated, but there are good reasons to think about a PS Vita for your kids.
  • How Kid-Friendly Will the PS Vita Be? Your kids will probably want one, but how easy will a PS Vita be for them to hold and play with?
  • Top 3 Competitors for the PS Vita If you can only choose one handheld for your kids, this article might help you decide which one by comparing the PS Vita to the Nintendo 3DS, the LeapPad, and the PSP itself in terms of kid-friendliness.

Games for PS Vita

Whatever else the PS Vita can do, as gamers it's the games we care about. But rest easy; not only do games look incredible, but the list of titles is pretty near mind-blowing, especially if you compare it to the PSP's launch list.

  • Intu-Aim and Other PS Vita Controls Almost as important as the games themselves are the controls and how well they'll be implemented.
  • Welcome Park Information and Review This little pre-installed app is a collection of mini-games.
  • Trophies on the PS Vita There are a few different apps that can access your trophies, plus there's a separate Trophies app for viewing, syncing (to your PSN account) and comparing your trophies.
  • North American PS Vita Launch Games and Accessories Here's what you can expect to find on the shelves along with the PS Vita in February.
  • What Kind of Games Can I Download for the PS Vita? The PlayStation Store has a variety of different kinds of downloadable games, but not all of them will run on a PS Vita.
  • PS Vita Game Info Pages An A-Z list of PS Vita game titles. I'm adding to it as I get more information on each title, so expect this list to just keep growing.
  • PS Vita Launch Games for Japan Check here if you want to compare the North American release to the release of the PS Vita in its home country.
  • In-Development PS Vita Games for Japan A lot of these will probably never see release outside of Japan, but many will, so this list is a reasonable hint of titles you can expect to see available in the future.

Non-Game Software for PS Vita

Aside from games, the PS Vita will have an array of other kinds of software available. A lot of it is focussed on social networking, but you can probably expect productivity software and other kinds of apps to appear, too, once the PS Vita finds its legs, so to speak.

Accessories for the PS Vita

While the PS Vita and some games are all you really need, there are some nice add-ons to help protect your investment.

  • North American PS Vita Launch Games and Accessories Scroll down past the list of games to see what official accessories you have to choose from.
  • Official PS Vita Accessories from Sony See what Sony had to offer for their handheld and how much it'll cost you.
  • Official PS Vita Starter Kit Review Find out exactly what comes in Sony's box of goodies, and if you really save money by buying it.
  • PS Vita Accessories from Rocketfish They may be a third-party manufacturer, but they're making Sony-licensed items.
  • PS Vita Accessories from Nyko Check out these third-party manufacturers offerings.
  • How much does a PS Vita cost?

    Since the Vita was discontinued in 2019, it's only available through third-party resellers, where prices can vary. On Amazon, for example, you can get a renewed Vita with Wi-Fi for about $300. On eBay, one can cost as high as $400.

  • Are digital games still available to download on PS Vita?

    Yes. While Sony previously said it would shut down the PS Vita digital storefront, it later reversed that decision. So, for now, you can still buy and download games there.

  • How can you play PSP games on a PS Vita without a hack?

    The PS Vita store has several PSP titles you can still buy and play without using a hack or emulator software.

  • How do you factory reset a PS Vita?

    Select Format > Restore This System and follow the on-screen instructions. A factory reset will restore the system to its default settings and delete all stored data.

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