PS Vita Downloadable Apps

Extra Apps You Can Download From Day 1

The PS Vita will have quite a few apps already pre-installed when you buy it, but there will be other optional apps available for download right away. Expect the number of available apps to grow as time goes on and developers discover what sort of a market there will be. From the day of launch, though, the apps on this list should be ready to download, and better yet, they'll be absolutely free.


Thumbs up coming out of facebook box

Facebook friends, "like" companies and public figures, announce and publicize events, play games socially, create groups, send messages, and share status updates, pictures, links and more. The PS Vita will have a version of Facebook specifically built from the ground up to run well and look great on the handheld. From the sounds of things, Facebook on the PS Vita should be less like the mobile versions of Facebook available for cell phones, and more like the web version, just on a smaller screen, though it's hard to say for sure until we see it in action.


Foursquare logo
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Foursquare is a location-based app that's been available on many mobile platforms for a while now. With Foursquare, you check in at nearby locations which lets your contacts see where you are. When they check in somewhere, you can see where they are. If you check in somewhere more than anyone else, you get to the virtual mayor of that location--at least until someone else overtakes you. You can earn other points and badges for checking in, too, plus you can make recommendations and post reviews for others to see. Using the PS Vita's location abilities, you'll be able to use Foursquare just like you would on your mobile phone, to let others know what you're up to and to keep track of your friends.


Skype logo
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SkypePSP-2000 model, was capable of running Skype, which was even built right into the firmware. While Skype on the PSP was never quite what many of us hoped for--since the PSP didn't have a built-in camera, you couldn't make video calls--there are good indications that it will be closer to the ideal on the PS Vita. At the very least, it will include both text and voice chat.


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Twitter lets you post updates of 280 characters or less, viewable to all your followers, and it lets you follow the "tweets" of others. It has become an incredibly popular way to connect with friends and strangers alike, and many celebrities even use Twitter for promotional purposes, or just to get closer to their fans. Twitter has even become a useful way to keep up on news and goings-on of all kinds, and can be useful in organizing events, or even holding auctions. Twitter on the PS Vita will have the usual capabilities of 280-character text updates and picture updates, plus it will let you take a screen capture from any game you happen to be playing and share it with your followers.