6 Ways the PS Vita Is What Gamers Wanted

How the PS Vita is better than the Sony PSP

When comparing the PSP with the PS Vita, it's important to look beyond the cosmetic similarities and differences. Here are six features the PS Vita has that the PSP doesn't.

Sony discontinued the PSP in 2014. The PS Vita was discontinued in 2019.

Information in this article applies to the PlayStation Vita and the PS Vita Slim model.

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Real PS4 Integration

PlayStation 4 and DualShock 4 controller


While PSP-PS3 integration was rather limited, the PS Vita was designed to be used with the PlayStation 4. In fact, it's possible to use the Vita as a controller for PS4 games while playing on your TV. Likewise, you can continue playing PS4 games on your Vita thanks to the remote play feature. You can save your game data to a PS Vita-compatible memory card and sync it with your PS4. Unfortunately, you can't play PS Vita games on your TV without extra accessories.

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Dual Analog Sticks for Smother Controls

The PS Vita with analog sticks

One of the most common complaints about the PSP was its lone analog stick. First-person shooters are almost impossible to play without two sticks, and many games rely on a second stick to control the camera. Not only has a second stick been added to the PS Vita, but the design has been improved, making them feel much more like a normal game controller.

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Touchscreen and Touchpad Support

The PS Vita touchscreen

One major advantage the Nintendo DS and 3DS have over the PSP is touchscreen support. Many years ago, a PSP homebrew developer announced plans to produce a touchscreen that could be retrofitted to the PSP, but it never materialized. Not only does the PS Vita have a touchscreen for its main display, but it also has a touchpad on the back of the device.

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Photo and AR Capabilities

The back of a PS Vita

You must purchase an add-on for the PSP in order to take photos. The PS Vita, on the other hand, comes with two built-in cameras (one rear-facing and one front-facing). The cameras don't just capture photos; they also allow you to play augmented reality (AR) games like InviZimals.

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Built-in Motion Sensing

Sony PS Vita


Although Datel produced the Tilt FX add-on to bring motion control to the PSP, it was an awkward solution since it occupied the headphone jack and didn't have a pass-through for actual headphones. It also required the user to load software in order to make compatible games actually work with the device. The PS Vita, on the other hand, has built-in motion-sensing, making it as good (or maybe even better) than the PS3's Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 controllers.

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Exclusive PS Vita Games and Apps

Close up of person playing PS Vita in person's hands

Kiyoshi Ota/Stringer/Getty Images

While you can't play PSP games on Sony's newer handheld console, the Vita has its own library of games and downloadable apps that aren't available for any other system. There are also titles like Final Fantasy X HD and Final Fantasy X-2 HD, which were released for both the Vita and PS3, that allow you to share save data across consoles. If you downloaded games from the PlayStation Network on your PSP, you can play them on your PS Vita or PS3.

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