Leave No Stone Unturned Playing 'Prototype' on PC

Use unlockables and hints to beat the 'Prototype' video game

Prototype computer game
Radical Entertainment / Activision

"Prototype" is a well-received open world action-adventure video game. Launched in 2009, the game was an immediate success with gamers. The game is set in Manhattan, and it follows Alex Mercer, a mysterious figure with amnesia, as he attempts to prevent the outbreak of a plague.  

"Prototype" was released for all the major gaming platforms. In those versions, there was a cheat code. However, the PC version is confined to unlockables and hints.

The following unlockables and hints are available for the PC version of "Prototype." 

Unlock Hard Mode

Complete the game in Normal Mode to unlock Hard Mode.

Unlock Platinum Events

Unlock Platinum Events by earning a Gold in every event.

Gain Experience Points

You get experience points when you pick up an Orb. The value increases based on how many Orbs you collect. 

Turn on Collectible Vision

Turn on Infected Vision or Thermal Vision to see the difficult-to-locate Landmark and Hint Collectibles.

Secret Story Event

After Karen Parker disappears, reveal her location by completing all the Scientists Consume events.

New Game + Mode

Complete the game in Easy or Normal Mode to unlock the New Game + Mode. In this mode, Alex's skills are unlocked from the beginning. If you beat the game on Easy you will unlock Easy + Mode, if you beat it on Normal you will unlock Normal + Mode and Easy + Mode if you skipped the easy mode completely.

Final Boss Strategy

Switch to Armor and Blade after the cutscene ends and stay far away from your opponent until he approaches you. Use Air Blade Slash a couple of time to stun him. If he knocks you down, use a Devastator move to stun him again.