The Pros and Cons of Buying an iPod

Hand holding white iPod

Claudia Rehm / Getty Images


If you're considering buying an MP3 player, you've probably noticed that you've got about a million options for players to buy. Searching online or in stores, you've found that you could buy everything from a bare-bones player with a tiny screen that costs less than a nice dinner to things the size of small laptops with more features than most computers packed 10 years ago.

The iPod is the most widely purchased MP3 player and certainly has the biggest reputation. When people think of MP3 players, the iPod tends to come to mind first.

But does that mean you should buy one? Maybe.

Here's a guide to the pros and cons of buying an iPod to help you decide what MP3 player to buy.

The Pros of Buying an iPod

  • Easy-to-Use Interface - The iPod's combination of simple the click wheel or touch screen and clear onscreen software makes it a snap to use out of the box.
  • Best Software Integration - The iPod/iTunes connection makes managing the music on both the iPod and your computer almost effortless. No steep learning curve here.
  • Great Hardware - The hardware that is used to make the iPod is high quality, durable, and stylish.
  • Best Online Store - The iTunes Store is far and away the best online store for filling your MP3 player to the brim with great music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, games, and audiobooks. No other online store offers as many choices or deals as good.
  • Constant Innovation - Apple regularly adds new features to iTunes, the iTunes Store, and the iPod's software, giving you new content and capabilities all the time.
  • Selection - With the different iPod models, there's an iPod for every need and budget.
  • Cool Factor - Even after all these years, the iPod is still the coolest MP3 player on the market. And everyone likes to be cool, yes?

The Cons of Buying an iPod

  • Higher Price - Apple products generally cost more than their competitors. Fans would say that the price is justified by the better hardware, software, and experience. That may not make much difference to your bank account, though.
  • Battery Life - This is less of a concern now than it was with the first few generations of iPods, but battery life has not always been as good as it should have been on the iPod.
  • Non-Replaceable Battery - Compounding this problem, the customer can't replace the iPod's battery, as it requires taking the iPod apart. This can lead to either dead iPods or needing to pay for a battery replacement.
  • The Popularity of Smartphones - So many people own smartphones nowadays that purchasing a device solely for music might not be a worthwhile investment.