Pros and Cons of Becoming a Mobile Developer Contractor

A freelance app developer

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A lot of mobile developers have this one question on their minds – is it really worthwhile becoming a mobile developer contractor? You have worked very hard to learn the nitty-gritty of developing mobile apps. Now you also need to look at how you can make this a profitable venture for you, career-wise. Taking up a steady mobile developer job as an employee of a company is of course very stable. It also assures you a steady salary at the end of each month. But it also means that you limit your creativity to a certain extent, as you have to go by the tenets of the company you are working for.

Freelancing on your own, on the other hand, could take a lot of hard work and also a long time for you to establish yourself, the benefits of the same are well worth the risk and all the effort taken behind it. Here is a detailed list of pros and cons of becoming a mobile developer contractor.

Pros of Becoming a Mobile Developer Contractor

  • The financial benefits score above all else. An average mobile developer contractor gets to earn much, much more than an employee. Due to their highly specialized skills, these devs are paid high fees for their work.
  • Also, certain locations pay more than others. So you could even choose the person or company you want to work with. Once established, you can quote your fee for your contract – the negotiating terms become much easier for you.
  • This also gives you the ability to manipulate your tax amount to be paid at the end of each financial year. This lets you save a lot more than what you would while on a steady job.
  • Freelancing on a contract lets you become your own boss. This means, you also get to decide your schedule each day. While you can afford to lay off work for the day if you are not in the mood to create, you can make up for it another day by working harder to compensate for it.
  • You have no one to report to at the end of the day, but yourself. This lets you sit back and work in a relaxed manner, enjoying every minute of it.
  • As a contractor, you are an independent entity and are answerable to no one. This gives you the freedom to choose your working hours and general schedule each day.
  • Each job gives you a different thing to do and a different way of work, meaning that you are no longer bogged down by doing the same thing day in and day out. Also, the company you contract for is not your employer – they are your clients. Hence, you need not bend your back to maintain company protocol each and every time.
  • Diverse projects with diverse companies will help you build a formidable CV for yourself. A consistently good track record helps build your reputation and contacts, enhancing your portfolio further.
  • Working for different clients also builds up your own work experience, widening your entire perspective of mobile app development.

Cons of Becoming a Mobile Developer Contractor​

  • As everything else, becoming a mobile developer contractor has its negatives too. The most important one is that, since you are on your own, you will be solely responsible for finding jobs and maintaining a steady source of income.
  • You will most probably have some initial troubles deciding payment terms, working conditions and so on. Of course, these issues can be resolved with help and advice from other experts in the field.
  • Until the time you actually establish yourself (which is a painfully lengthy, time-consuming process), you will continue to struggle and will have to accept your clients’ payment and other terms and conditions.
  • Being a freelancer on contract, you will not be entitled to any of the perks and privileges that regular employees of a company would otherwise receive. This implies that you cannot claim holiday pay, bonuses and so on.
  • Since you will be working on your own, you will have to learn to deal with working without the cheerful bustle of a regular office environment. Also, there may not be much help at hand if you want to resolve an issue urgently. In this case, it would be good if you could develop a good network of experts before you actually enter the contracting business.

Where It Stands

Becoming a mobile developer contractor has immense benefits, while it also has its downfalls. You should give the above points enough consideration before coming to any kind of decision about getting into a job on contract.

Are you already a mobile developer contractor? What is your experience so far? Would you like to give wannabe or newbie contractors some advice? Do feel free to express your opinions right here.