Properly Label Your Smart Plugs With the Google Home App

New update will separate the lights from the fans and TVs

Smart plugs are great until you can’t tell which plug controls which device; then it’s a guessing game. Well, guess no more!

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Your smart plugs are about to get a lot more organized now that the Google Home app lets you label each one with a device type.

Labelling devices: To label your smart plugs, open the Home app, tap the smart plug you want to label, then go to the settings. Once there, tap Type, then choose the most appropriate label. Currently, you can pick Smart Light, Air conditioner, Coffee maker, Dehumidifier, Fan, Heater, Humidifier, Kettle, TV, or Smart Plug.

Availability: The new feature was initially discovered by 9to5Google, which noticed it came to the iOS version of the Google Home app about a week before coming to Android. If you don’t see the “device type” option yourself, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of the Google Home app. iOS is on version 2.25.105; Android is

Bottom line: Smart plugs are way more convenient than getting up and flipping a switch (and it’s more futuristic), and their cheap price makes them easy to get a hold of. This new quality of life update from Google should make them even more appealing and user-friendly.

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