Tips to Promote Your Facebook Page for Free

Use these tips to attract page views and keep followers

An image of a woman looking at a Facebook Page on a laptop.


You don't necessarily need to spend a fortune on Facebook Ads or Post Boosts to attract fans to your Facebook page. If you aren't getting the traffic and likes you had hoped for, you can do numerous things — even for free — to promote your Facebook page.

Here are just a few simple ways you can start promoting your Facebook page for free.

Promote Your Facebook Page on Your Personal Profile

The easiest way to start promoting your Facebook page is by sharing it with your current friends on your personal Facebook profile.

You can do this by:

  • Liking your own Facebook page
  • Posting a link to your Facebook page, asking friends to like it
  • Messaging relevant friends about your Facebook page, asking them to like it
  • Sharing page posts on your profile
  • Adding your page to your profile details as a page that you manage (you can do this on the Facebook app from your profile by tapping Edit Public Details > Add under Pages You Manage)

Look for the Share button on your page to share it directly to your timeline. You can also use the Share buttons beneath individual posts to share them.

Screenshot showing how to share a Facebook Page on your own Timeline

Don't spam your friends with your page. If you plan to message friends about it, make sure you know those friends have interests that are relevant to your page and consider including a personal message. If you plan on sharing your page's posts, consider sharing them to a custom Facebook friend list that includes relevant friends.

Put a Link to Your Facebook Page in Your Email Signature

If you use email relatively frequently to communicate back and forth with people, you can easily and instantly let them know about your page by including a link to it in your email signature. You might be surprised how many people click through to your Facebook page from a simple email link.

Screenshot of a sample email signature with a Facebook Page link
Sample Email Signature.

If you're unfamiliar with email signatures, check out the following resources:

As an extension of the email signature idea, business cards are a comparable way to promote your Facebook page when connecting with people offline. Put the link somewhere on the card or create a QR code for the card that links directly to your Facebook page.

Add a Facebook Page Plugin to Your Website or Blog

One of the coolest ways to promote your Facebook Page is with the Facebook Page Plugin. All you have to do is customize the look of how you want your Facebook page to appear on your site or blog and then copy some lines of code to insert it into your website's HTML code.

Screenshot of the Facebook Page Plugin settings

In addition to showing the page's name, main photo and cover photo, you can also include:

  • A Timeline tab shows the most recent posts
  • An Events tab can be shown so that visitors can follow your page's events and subscribe to events right from your website.
  • A Messages tab lets visitors message your Facebook page.
  • An "Adapt to plugin container width" option so that the plugin changes to the width of its parent container when the page loads, making it look a lot more natural on your website. (The minimum is 180 pixels, and the maximum is 500 pixels.)
  • A "Show Friend's Faces" option that shows the faces of friends who like your page

Consider placing the code for the Facebook Page Plugin in your site or blog's sidebar or footer area so that it's automatically displayed on each and every page.

Embed Facebook Page Posts Into Your Website or Blog

If you have a blog, you can increase visibility for your Facebook page by embedding a page post into the HTML code of blog posts you publish. This is relatively easy to do if you're working with a blog platform like WordPress.

To grab the embed code for a post, simply go to the post you want to promote and click/tap the three dots in the right corner to select the Embed option.

Screenshot showing how to copy the embed code from a Facebook post
Copying a Facebook Post's Embed Code.

You can then copy that code and paste it into your blog post so that visitors are encouraged to click or tap it to go directly to the page. As a bonus, your blog posts will look more visually interesting to your blog readers.

Join Facebook Groups As Your Page

Facebook now lets pages join groups. Whenever you select the + Join Group button, Facebook will ask you whether you want to join the group using your personal profile or any of the Facebook pages you manage.

A screenshot of

Once you've been accepted into the group, you can start liking and commenting on other people's posts or making your own posts.

Focus on helping others and making an effort to genuinely participate in conversations, without spamming or leaving generic comments. Members will appreciate it and as a result, they might check out your page to give it a like.

Interact With Your Existing Facebook Page Fans

While you're busy promoting your Facebook page, make sure not to forget about your current fans and followers. If you do, you might lose their interest.

One way to encourage interaction is to make a poll on your Facebook Page, which can be done from the Write a post... area. Just click/tap Poll to get started.

Screenshot showing how to make a Facebook poll
Facebook Poll Example.

Some other easy ways to get more Facebook interaction, and thus promote your page, is to make a new event, start a live video, publish job posts, or create offers and discounts.

Comments left on your page by fans and followers are also golden opportunities to find out what they think about your product or service, address a negative remark in a positive way, or otherwise build a relationship with people who are interested in what your business does. Make sure to reply promptly and answer any questions to show interest and involvement with your Page visitors.

Everyone loves contests and sales. Keep your viewers coming back to your page by offering exclusive information or specials just for them. Whether you structure a contest and announce winners, sponsor a private shopping evening for locals or share discounts, you'll keep your page viewers engaged and coming back for more.

Update Your Facebook Page Information Regularly

If your Facebook page doesn't look good, or simply appears to be outdated, there's less of a chance that people will like it when they see it. It’s important to give it some personality by making it look attractive and interesting.

You can do this by starting with the main photo and the cover photo.

A screenshot of

On Lifewire's Facebook page, we have an animated video that takes the place of the cover photo, which makes the page not only more interesting, but also informative.

You can also fill out all of the fields in your page's About section, add extra tabs like an Instagram tab for your fans to check out and add buttons to create different calls to action.