How to Create a Wiki With Google Sites

How to create a wiki with Google Sites

Creating a wiki using Google Sites is an easy process. As a web application, Google Sites offers customizable templates for quick setup.

Google Sites offers dozens of wiki templates, most of which were developed by end-users and contributed to the template index. Although we walk through the default Wiki template offered by Google, the template hasn't been updated in many years. Consider browsing the template gallery for alternatives that offer a more modern look-and-feel. Installation instructions are the same for all templates, although configuration options differ.

Use the Template

Project Wiki

Use the wiki template that Google Sites provides. Log in to your account then open the link to the Project Wiki template. Select Use Template. After it's installed, you're free to personalize the wiki to represent your team with pictures, fonts, and color schemes.

Name the Site

Name the Site, Football Party Recipes

Select a title for the wiki, which is entered for the site name. Click Create, then save your work. The name shortens as the URL to the wiki, although you're free to select a different URL destination.

Technically, you have completed the initial set up for a wiki but these next few steps will give you more understanding of how to make changes and add to the wiki.

Pages are automatically saved every few minutes but it is a good practice to save your work. Revisions are saved so you can roll back if needed. Access your revision history from the More page actions menu.

Create a Page

Create a Wiki Page, Half Time Wings

To understand how to work with pages, let's create one.

  1. Select New Page: You'll see there are different page types (page, list, file cabinet, etc.). Type the name and check off the placement of the page, either at the top level or under Home.
  2. Click Create: You'll notice placeholders on the page for text, images, gadgets and so on, which you can insert. Also, at the bottom, the page enables Comments, a feature that you can customize further as time permits. Save your work.

Edit/Add Page Elements

Add a Google Calendar gadget

The wiki template offers many elements to work with. Typical commands to modify these elements include:

  1. Edit Page: Select Edit page, then select the page area you want to work with. An edit menu/toolbar appears when you're in edit mode.
  2. Add to Navigation: At the bottom of the sidebar, select Edit sidebar. Under the sidebar label, click Edit, then Add page. Move pages up and down on the navigation. Then select OK. Save your work.
  3. Add a Gadget: Gadgets perform a dynamic function, like displaying an interactive calendar. Select Edit page, then Insert/Gadgets. Scroll through the list and select Google Calendar. Customize the appearance as desired. Save your work.

Control Access to Your Site

Project Wiki — Football Party Recipes

On the More Actions menu, control access to your site. Select Sharing and Permissions.

  • Public: If your site is already public, add access for people to edit on your site. Choose More Actions and then Share this Site.
  • Private: Add people and choose the level of site access: is owner, can edit, or can view. Share access to your site with a group of people through Google Groups. Non-public users upon receiving an invitation to access the site must sign in with their Google account.

Send invitations by email through Sharing and Permissions.