Priya Viswanathan

Priya Viswanathan started writing about technology in 2006. Priya's passion for mobile phones and other tech gadgets spurred her on to enter into partnerships with popular mobile phone websites and explore the latest mobile technology.


Working with mobile device websites gave Priya the advantage of being trained by some of the most knowledgeable people in the field.

Today, Priya is a contributing writer for several Websites and blogs relating to electronic gear and mobile devices and applications.

Priya Viswanathan

My first introduction to a mobile device was a humble Siemens mobile phone (it would be an antique piece now!) that could do no more than make calls and send SMS. Soon, I warmed up to new technology and kept changing my phone model every few months. I love to try out new mobile apps and learn more about how they are developed and programmed to work.

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