Printing Multiples in CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW's Built-In Tools for Printing Multiples

CorelDRAW's Built In Tools for Printing Multiples

Have you created a design in CorelDRAW which you need to print in multiples? Business cards or address labels are common designs that you'd usually want to print in multiples. If you aren't familiar with CorelDRAW's built-in tools for doing this, you can waste a lot of time duplicating and aligning your design to print properly.

Here we'll show you two different ways you can print multiples of a design from CorelDRAW-using the labels feature, and using the imposition layout tools in CorelDRAW's Print Preview. For simplicity, we will use business cards as an example in this article, but you can use the same methods for any design which you need to print in multiples.

We're using CorelDRAW X4 in this tutorial, but these features may have been present in earlier versions.

Set Up Document and Create Your Design

Set Up Document

Open CorelDRAW and open a new blank document.

Change the paper size to match the size of your design. If you want to create a business card, you can use the pull-down menu on the options bar to select business cards for the paper size. Also, change the orientation from portrait to landscape here if you need to.

Now design your business card or other design.

If you are going to be using purchased sheets of a scored business card or label paper, jump to the Printing on Label Sheets or Scored Business Card Paper section. If you want to print in plain paper or cardstock, jump to the Imposition Layout Tool section.

Printing on Label Sheets or Scored Business Card Paper

CorelDRAW Label Options

Go to Layout > Page Setup.

Click on Label in the options tree.

Change the label options from Normal Paper to Labels. When you do this, a long list of label types will become available in the options dialog. There are hundreds of label types for every manufacturer, such as Avery and others. Most people in the US will want to go to AVERY Lsr/Ink. Many other brands of paper sheets will include the matching Avery numbers on their products.

Expand the tree until you find the specific label product number that matches the paper you are using. When you click on a label in the tree, a thumbnail of the layout will appear next to it. Avery 5911 is probably what you are looking for if your design is a business card.

Create a Layout for Custom Labels (Optional)

CorelDRAW Custom Labels Dialog Box

You can click the customize label button if you can't find the specific layout you need. In the customize label dialog, you can set the label size, margins, gutters, rows, and columns to match the paper you are working with.

Labels Print Preview

CorelDRAW Labels Print Preview

Once you press okay from the label dialog, your CorelDRAW document will not appear to change, but when you go to print, it will print in the layout you specified.

Imposition Layout Tool

CorelDRAW Imposition Layout Tool

Go to File > Print Preview.

You may get a message about having the change the paper orientation​ If so, accept the change.

The print preview should show your business card or other design in the center of a full sheet of paper.

Along the left side, you will have four buttons. Click the second one--Imposition Layout Tool. Now in the options bar, you will have a place to specify the number of rows and columns to repeat your design. For business cards, set it for 3 across and 4 down. This will give you 12 designs to the page and maximize your paper usage.

Printing Crop Marks

Printing Crop Marks in CorelDRAW

If you want crop marks to aid in cutting your cards, click the third button--Marks Placement Tool-- and enable the Print Crop Marks button in the options bar.

To see your design exactly as it will print, press Ctrl-U to go full-screen. Use the Esc key to exit full-screen preview.

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