You've got a great printer and/or scanner; now what? Learn the tips and tricks to optimizing yours for easy use alongside your computer, laptop or tablet.
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Print Spooler Windows 10
How to Restart the Print Spooler in Windows 10
A Chromebook on a table displaying scanning software.
How to Scan on Chromebook
Woman using a desktop printer at home
How to Install a Printer Driver
Woman using a printer in what appears to be a home office.
Inkjet vs Laser Printers
Standard paper sheet sizes in North America
Standard Paper Sheet Sizes in North America
Flatbed scanner, elevated view
How to Choose a Photo Scanner
What Is Bond Paper?
Wireless or Wi-Fi Printing
How to Connect a Printer to Wi-Fi
How to Fix It When Your Printer Is Offline
How to Fix It When Your Printer Is Offline
Canon Maxify MB2720 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer.
The Easy Way to Add a Printer to a Mac
3D printing
STL Viewers: Free and Open Source Programs to Download
Office clerk using printer in office
A Guide to Laser and Laser-Class LED Printers
printer error
How to Fix the Canon B200 Printer Error
Someone holding papers and pressing a button on a printer.
How to Cancel a Print Job and Clear Printer Queue
Inkjet printer with image of sunflower printing out
What Is an Inkjet Printer?
Couple printing out photographs
How to Print Your Own Photos
Replacing toner in a printer
Why Isn't My Printer Printing?
Printing out a calendar
Understanding Printer Resolution Relative to Print Quality and Detail
Ink cartridges in a Canon printer.
How to Clean Your Printer's Printheads
Printing photo banner on PostScript printer
How to Use a PostScript Printer
CanoScan LiDE 210
Canon CanoScan LiDE 210 Flatbed Scanner
Lifewire logo in 2D and 3D
How to Turn a 2D Image or Logo Into a 3D Model
Assortment of small ink printer cartridges to recycle
Extend the Life of Your Printer Ink Cartridge With These Easy Tips
3D printer
How to Unclog a 3D Printer Extruder Nozzle
Printer Buying Guide
6 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Printer
3D printer printing
Adjusting 3D Printer Settings With Heat and Speed Change
A hand holidng a book facedown on a scanner
How Scanners Work
Computer technician carrying spools of filament
3D Materials Suppliers and Product Updates
Working from home, using flat bed scanner
The Differences Between Types of Scanners
A business manager collecting prints from a printer.
How to Estimate a Printer's Cost per Page
A standard laserjet printer.
Print Speed: What Affects It and Why
Using scanner in office
Scanner Resolution and Color Depth
3D print of small vase
Tech Specs on 3D Printing Materials
Cleaning a printer toner
How to Clean a Printer and Scanner
Calibration tool
How to Calibrate Printers and Scanners Using ICC Printer Profiles
Stack of printed colorful images
What to Know Before Buying Inkjet Photo Paper
A hand reaching into a 3d printer
How to Make DIY Filament for Your 3D Printer
Epson Perfection V850 Pro Photo Scanner
How to Calibrate Your Scanner for More Accurate Scans
Epson Expression XP-630 Small-in-One Printer
A Guide to Multifunction Printers
Person using a flatbed scanner
How to Use a Scanner to Get Organized
Person sitting at desk, looking at computer, with printer on the side
How to Print in Draft Mode in Windows
Polygonal Mesh vs NURBS
Mesh vs. NURBS: Which 3D Model Is Best for 3D Printing?
3D Printer producing latice structure vase
What Is 3D Printing?

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