How to Print Web Pages in Google Chrome

You can customize the print size too

Google Chrome works with your operating system's print spooler just like any other program — no special procedures required. However, printing web pages sometimes requires a bit of finesse. Not because of Chrome, but because websites aren't designed to be translated cleanly to print.

How to Print a Page in Chrome

To print web pages in Google Chrome, use the Ctrl+P (Windows and Chrome OS) or Command+P (macOS) keyboard shortcut.

To print a page from a different browser like Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera, see How to print a web page. If you need to print to your home printer from anywhere, consider using Google Cloud Print.

Print Settings in Chrome

Print options in Google Chrome

Google Chrome can print a page with the default settings or you can change them yourself to suit any specific need. Any changes you make are previewed for you on the right side of the Print dialog box before committing to the print.

Modify Any of These Attributes

  • Destination: This is where you pick the printer to which Chrome should send the page. All currently installed printers are listed here, including Chrome's special Save as PDF option that lets you "print" the page to a PDF file.
  • Pages: The default option here is All so that all the pages will be printed. If you choose the other option, you can choose specific pages to be printed like 3 to print just the third page, or 2-5, 8 to print pages two through five as well as page eight. The total number of sheets that are to be printed is shown at the top of the print settings pane.
  • Copies: In this section, you can specify the number of copies that you wish to print. These are simply duplicates of whatever pages were chosen from the Pages section.
  • Layout: Print in portrait or landscape mode depending on the option you choose here. Portrait is the default choice and will print the web page taller than wide, while Landscape is the opposite and will print wider rather than tall.
  • Color: This is how you print in color or black and white in Chrome. Your printer must support color printing, else all prints will be rendered in black and white.
  • More settings: Click or tap this link in the print dialog box to see some additional options like paper size and margin details, a well as scale, the option to print the header and footer, and more.