How to Share or Print Photos on iPhone

Don't just keep your masterpieces on your phone

What to Know

  • In the Photos app, select the images you want to share or print. Tap the action button (the box-and-arrow icon at the bottom).
  • You can choose to Print photos, Mail them, Message them, share via AirDrop, and more.
  • To share or print images from iCloud, download them to your phone or tablet then use the action button options.

The pre-installed Photos app stores and organizes the pictures on your iPhone, but you're not limited to keeping them on your phone. You can print photos, email them, send a picture in a Tweet, share a photo over text, and more. You can even stream iPhone photos and videos to your TV.

The instructions in this article apply to the Photos app running on all recent versions of the iOS. The article was written using iOS 14, but previous versions work in similar ways (though the exact steps and menu names may be different).

How to Share and Print Photos Using the iPhone Photos App

Got photos on your iPhone that you just need others to see? Follow these steps to share, print, or post your pictures from the Photos app:

  1. Tap the Photos app to open it.

  2. Browse through the Photos app and your albums to find the photo you want to share.

    Screenshots of how to select photos for sharing on iPhone
  3. If you're viewing Photos in the Album view, tap Select in the top right. (If you're using iOS 6 or older, select the box with the arrow.)

    If you're looking at one photo taking up the entire screen, skip to step 5.

  4. Tap each image you want to share or print so that a checkmark appears on it.

  5. Tap the action button (the box-and-arrow icon at the bottom).

    Screenshots of how to share or print photos on iPhone
  6. The menu that pops up gives you all sorts of options for sharing or printing your selected photos. A few examples:

  7. The next step depends on what option you selected in step 6. In most cases, you'll be taken to a new app, with the photo you selected imported there for your use

  8. If you tapped Print, you then need to select the printer you want to print to, chose any available option, set the number of copies you want, and then tap Print.

You can't share or print photos that you've deleted unless you first move them out of the Recently Deleted folder. Learn how to recover deleted images from your iPhone for help.

Importing Pictures from iOS Photos to Other Apps

Lots of apps can import images from the Photos app. Doing this is a little different from the steps above. It's also more convenient if you're already in the app that you'll use to share the picture.

For example, if you use the Twitter app, there's an image icon at the bottom of the new-tweet screen that you use to pick photos to Tweet. Sharing images from iPhone to Facebook is similar. In fact, the same is true for lots of apps, but the exact steps for selecting pictures will be slightly different in each.

Screenshots of the Twitter app with the Photos and Add buttons highlighted

Some examples of apps that let you share pictures from your iPhone include messaging apps like Signal and Facebook Messenger, email app like Gmail and Yahoo Mail, file-sharing apps like Wi-Fi Transfer, note-taking apps such as Google Keep, and online file storage services like MEGA and Google Drive.

If you're trying to share or print photos that were uploaded to your iCloud account, use Photo Stream. However, if you don't see those pictures in the Photos app, make sure you've turned on Photo Stream.

Share or Print Photos From iCloud

If your iPhone pictures have been uploaded to iCloud but you're not using Photo Stream to sync them to your iPhone, you can access your iPhone pictures from

Use the download button to save the image to your computer or iPhone, and then you can do things like email and print the file.

iCloud Photos download button on

Did you know that you can also hide photos on your iPhone? There are a few ways to do it, some more secure than others.

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