How to Print Part of a Word Document

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You don’t have to print an entire Word document if you only need specific portions of that document as a hard copy. Instead, you can print a single page, a range of pages, pages from specific sections of a long document, or selected text.

Begin by opening the print window by clicking on File in the top menu, and then clicking Print... (or use the shortcut key CTRL + P).

By default, Word is set to print an entire document. In the Print dialog box under the Pages section, the radio button next to "All" will be selected.

Printing the Current Page or a Consecutive Range of Pages

Selecting the "Current Page" radio button will print only the page that is currently displayed in Word.

If you want to print several pages in a consecutive range, enter the number of the first page to be printed in the "From" field, and the number of the last page in the range to be printed in the "to" field.

The radio button next to this print option will automatically be selected when you begin entering the first-page number in the range.

Printing Non-Consecutive Pages and Multiple Page Ranges

If you want to print specific pages and page ranges that are not consecutive, select the radio button next to "Page Range." In the field beneath it, enter the page numbers you want to print, separated by commas.

If some of the pages you want to print are in a range, you may enter the starting page and the ending page numbers with a dash between them. For example:

To print pages 3, 10, and pages 22 through 27 of a document, enter in the field: 3, 10, 22-27.

Then, click Print in the lower right of the window to print your chosen pages.

Printing Pages From a Multi-Sectioned Document

If your document is long and broken into sections, and the page numbering is not continuous throughout the entire document, in order to print a range of pages you must specify the section number as well as the page number in the "Page Range" field using this format:

PageNumberSectionNumber - PageNumberSectionNumber

For example, to print page 2 of section 1, and page 4 of section 2 through page 6 of section 3 using the p#s#-p#s# syntax, enter in the field: p2s1, p4s2-p6s3

You may also specify entire sections by entering simply s#. For example, to print all of section 3 of a document, in the field enter simply s3.

Finally, click the Print button to print your chosen pages.

Printing Only a Select Portion of Text

If you only want to print a portion of text from a document -- a couple of paragraphs, for example -- first select the text you want to print.

Open the Print dialog box (either File > Print... or CTRL + P). Under the Pages section, select the radio button next to "Selection."

Finally, click the Print button. Your selected text will be sent to the printer.