How to Print Your Outlook Address Book

Print a hard copy of those important addresses in Outlook

What to Know

  • Go to People > select contacts folder to print > select File > Print > Print Options > Phone Directory Style.
  • To filter contacts to show only contacts you wish to print, select View > View Settings > Filter.
  • To print a single contact, select contacts folder and double-click the contact, then select File > Print.

This article explains how to print your address book in Outlook. The instructions apply to Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010.

Print Phone Directory Style in Outlook

There are several ways to print your Outlook contacts. You can use the Phone Directory print option to create a hard copy directory of some or all of your contacts in Outlook.

  1. Start Outlook.

  2. At the bottom of the Navigation pane, select People to open your Outlook Contacts list.

  3. In the My Contacts pane, select the contacts folder you want to print.

    Viewing contacts within Outlook.
  4. You can filter your contacts so that only the contacts that you wish to print will appear. Go to the View tab, select View Settings, and choose Filter to filter by criteria such as a company. If you have assigned categories to your contacts, you can filter by a category, as well. After you have filtered the contacts, the printing steps are the same as if you are printing all contacts. 

  5. Select File > Print. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P to open the Print page.

    Print preview of Outlook contacts.
  6. Select Print Options.

  7. In the Settings section, choose Phone Directory Style to create a hard copy phone directory. The preview changes to display the selected style. If you wish to select another print style, you have several options including Card Style, Booklet Style, and Memo Style.

  8. In the Print dialog box, select the page range that you want to print and the number of copies.

    To change the font, choose a different paper size, or add a header or footer, select Page Setup.

    Additional printing options for printing contacts from Outlook.
  9. Select Define Styles > Edit if you wish to make other changes, such as choosing a different font, the fields you want to include, the paper size, or header and footer options.

    Define Styles options in Outlook Print settings
  10. Select Print.

Because printer settings and features vary, refer to your manufacturer's manual or website to find out about advanced printing options, such as double-sided printing.

Print a Single Contact

You can print the information for a single contact, if desired.

  1. Select the contacts folder containing the contact whose information you want to print.

  2. Double-click the contact to open it.

  3. Select File > Print and print the page.

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