How to Print Your Outlook Address Book

Printer and Scanner
RAstem GRLER / Getty Images

The electronic address book used by Outlook is handy when you're sending emails. Sometimes, though, you might want a printed copy of your Outlook address book—for example, if you want a paper backup, a physical list to share or refer to, or a way to take your address book with you in situations where electronics won't be available or easy to use. Here's how to get your Outlook address book from your screen onto paper.

  1. Click People.

  2. Under My Contacts In the folder pane, find the contacts folder you'd like to print, and click on it.

  3. Click the File tab.

  4. Select Print

  5. You can choose styles and options under Settings. You'll see a preview in the Preview Pane.

  6. To change the page range, font, heading, and other elements of the style you've chosen, click Printer > Print Options. Then, in the dialog box under Print Style, choose Print Range to select pages to be printed, or Define Styles to choose how you want your address book to look.

  7. Click Print.