How to Print Multiple Slides on One Page in PowerPoint

Multi-Page PowerPoint Handout
With PowerPoint's Handouts feature, you can print multiple slides on a page.

When passing out copies of your PowerPoint presentation for the audience, printing multiple slides on one sheet of paper is the best way to go. Follow the steps below to print multiple PowerPoint slides.

Note: Instructions in this article apply to Powerpoint 2016, 2013, 2010; PowerPoint for Mac, and PowerPoint 365/Online.

How to Print Multiple Slides on One Page

  1. Starting on the Ribbon toolbar in PowerPoint, go to File > Print to find the various options for printing in PowerPoint.


    This section allows you to select your printer, the range of pages you want to print, and other options.

    See How to Print PowerPoint Slides to learn more about printing your slides.

  2. Note the second Full Page Slides drop-down under the Settings section. This allows you to select your print layout, including either Slides (such as the Notes Pages) or Handouts. We're interested in Handouts.

    PowerPoint Print Screen's Layout Settings
  3. There are options to include as many as nine slides on a single Handout sheet, much like the Slide Sorter view. Select one of the multi-slide options.

    PowerPoint's Handout Layouts

    PowerPoint Online is the same as the other versions of PowerPoint, but only contains a subset of the options the desktop versions do.

  4. Click the Print button to finish.

    PowerPoint Online's Print Dialog
  5. That's it!

By combining this with dual-sided printing, you can get up to 18 slides on a single sheet of paper!