How to Print an Outlook Email in a Different Font Size

Change the font size of an email before printing

Feeding paper into a printer

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The biggest reason for wanting to print bigger text is so that you can make really small text, much larger before you print it off. Or maybe you're in the opposite situation, where you need to make bigger text, smaller so that it's easier to read.

In both cases, the text is simply not at a reasonable enough size for you. No matter which direction you're going, you can print text with a different font size in Microsoft Outlook by making just one small tweak before pressing the print button.

How to Print Bigger or Smaller Text in MS Outlook

  1. Double-click or double-tap the email in MS Outlook to open it in a new window.

  2. In the Message tab, go to the Move section and click/tap Actions.

  3. Through that menu, choose Edit Message.

  4. Go to the Format Text tab at the top of the message.

  5. Select the text that you want to make larger or smaller. Use the Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut to select all the text in the email.

  6. In the Font section, use the Increase Font Size button to make the email text bigger. Ctrl+Shift+> is the keyboard shortcut.

  7. To make the text smaller, use the button right next to it, or the Ctrl+Shift+< hotkey.

  8. Hit Ctrl+P to see a preview of the message before you print it.

  9. Press Print when you're ready. 

If the text is too big or too small, just use the back arrow at the top-left corner of that screen to return to the message and change the text size again.