How to Print From iPhone Without AirPrint

Print wirelessly from your iPhone without an AirPrint-enabled printer

What to Know

  • Search for dedicated printer apps from the manufacturer for your wireless printer. Most have them, including HP, Canon, and Lexmark.
  • Use third-party software like Printopia as an intermediary on your PC if you have an old wired printer.
  • Choose trial versions of the third-party software and then upgrade if they work seamlessly.

Devices that are compatible with Apple make your work seamless. For instance, take any printing job. Switch on an AirPrint-enabled printer, and you can print anything from your iPhone in seconds. But what if there are no AirPrint printers to be found? These workarounds will help you print from any iPhone without using AirPrint. 

Use a Compatible Printer App

Some printer brands like HP, Canon, and Lexmark have dedicated apps for iOS and Android that support wireless printing. Let’s see how it works with the HP Smart iOS app, the go-to app for wireless printing with Wi-Fi-enabled HP printers. The steps for other apps will be similar.


For wireless printing to work, always connect your iPhone and Wi-Fi printer to the same wireless network. 

  1. Download and install the free HP Smart iOS app from the Apple Store. This HP support article explains how to connect the app to the wireless printer. Register and log in to set up an account on HP.

  2. Open the document, image, or any other file in an app that supports printing.

  3. Tap the Share icon (a square with an arrow pointing up) or the three-dotted ellipsis icon (which usually is the More menu) to display the Share Sheet.

    In some apps like Microsoft Word, the More menu will display the Print option. Selecting the Print option can give you a choice to pick AirPrint or Open in Another App. Choose the latter to display the Share Sheet.

  4. Swipe horizontally to find the HP Smart App. Alternatively, go down the Share Sheet and select Print with HP Smart.

  5. Use the features in the printer app to preview, edit, or store the file. When ready, select Print to send the document for printing. If you have multiple printers, choose the printer to use.

    Printing wirelessly from an iPhone with the HP Smart app.

Use Your Computer as an Intermediary for Wired Printers

You can connect any old printer to an iPhone by using macOS or Windows computer as a bridge. There is specific software available for both operating systems that allows you to send any print job straight from the iPhone to any printer without AirPrint. 

Printopia is a well-regarded software for macOS. Download the Printopia free trial version on your MacBook and see if it works for you before you choose to purchase it. 

  1. Unzip the archive file and install Printopia on macOS.

  2. Launch Printopia, and it detects the printers installed on your macOS. Check that printer sharing is enabled by default in Printopia’s Overview pane.

    Printopia Overview Screen With Sharing On.
  3. All wired and wireless printers connected with the Mac appear in the Printers pane. Select the printers you want to share with Printopia. 

    Select printer in Printopia.
  4. Open the iPhone app with the document you want to print. Tap the Share icon and select Print in the Sharing Sheet.

  5. Select the Printer (if there are multiple printers enabled for the Mac), the number of copies you want to print, and the range of pages. Then select Print.

    Printing from iOS Without AirPrint.

  6. Printopia take over and you can view the progress in the Jobs pane on Printopia. 

    Printing queue on Printopia.


    Try O'Print when you want to use a Windows PC to print from an iPhone to a wired printer without AirPrint. O'Print is an “AirPrint Activator” for Windows. Any Windows PC connected to a wired or wireless printer can print from iPhone on the fly. 

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