How to Print on an iPad

Print from an iPad wirelessly or by using handy apps

AirPrint allows the iPad to see and communicate with AirPrint-enabled printers, making it easy to print documents from your iPad. You can print from Photos, Notes, Mail, the Safari browser and many apps downloaded from the App Store like Microsoft Office.

While you will need an AirPrint-enabled printer to print seamlessly from your iPad, it's possible to print to any printer using a few nifty apps as a facilitator. AirPrint-enabled printers are the easiest solution, and you can pick one up for as cheap as $50. Any printer marked as AirPrint-enabled or compatible with the iPhone/iPad will work. However, if you already own a printer and have no desire to upgrade, you can go the app-based route. View a list of AirPrint-enabled printers

To print from an app using AirPrint:

  1. Tap Share. The Share button looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it. Most apps put the share button at the top of the screen, though it is located at the bottom of the display when viewing pictures in the Photos app. Mail is one of the few exceptions, with the print functionality located in the same menu, you would use to reply to a message.
  2. Tap Print. It is usually the last button on the second line of buttons.
  3. If your printer is not already selected, tap Select Printer. This will cause the iPad to scan the network to locate the printer.
  4. Remember: the printer must be online and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPad.
  5. After selecting the printer, simply tap Print to send your print job to your printer.

Having problems printing? Find out how to troubleshoot problems printing from your iPad.

Printing to a non-AirPrint printer:

There are two popular apps for printing to non-AirPrint printers: Printer Pro and PrintCentral Pro. Printer Pro has a "Lite" version that will check to see if your printer is compatible with the app, so before you decide between the two, download Printer Pro Lite to see if Printer Pro is a workable solution.

To print using either of these apps:

  1. Tap Share.
  2. Select Open in.
  3. This will bring up a menu of apps. Select Printer Pro or PrintCentral to send the document to the app and start the print process.