How to Print an Email in Outlook Mail on the Web

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Outlook Mail on the web lets you open emails in a format laid out for printing. You will be happy to learn that Outlook Mail on the Web and provide a printing-friendly version of every message without ads and visual clutter—except for the message's, of course.

Why Print Emails at All?

Mobile devices and email's ubiquity with them notwithstanding, printing an email can be useful when you need to take information with you—to areas without secured connection or ways to recharge a battery, for example, or just for reading in the sun. Paper is also wonderful to scribble on, and with proper instructions (printed, of course), any email on paper can turn into an airplane or origami.

Paper is also always useful for creating an archive and copy, of course, or to share information in a manner that is more elegant that waving a screen beneath their eyes and less easy to ignore, alas, than a mere email forward.

Print a Message in Outlook Mail on the Web

To get a printable view for an email in Outlook Mail on the web and send that to your printer:

  1. Open the email message you would like to print.
    • You can open the message in the Outlook Mail on the web reading pane, but you can also open it in its own window (you can double-click the message or hit Enter while it is highlighted to do that).
  2. Click the More commands icon (⋯) in the message's toolbar.
  3. Select Print from the menu that has appeared.
  4. Outlook Mail on the web will open the message formatted for printing in a new browser window and bring up the browser's document printing dialog.
    • Use the dialog to send the page to the printer.
    • If the printing dialog or sheet does not come up automatically, try selecting File > Print from the menu or try pressing Ctrl-P or Command-P.

Print a Message in

To make a paper copy of an email you have received at your account:

  • Open the message you want to print in
  • Click the More commands icon (⋯) in the toolbar above the message.
  • Select Print from the menu that has shown.
  • will engage the browser printing dialog automatically.
    • If the dialog does not open automatically:
      • Click Print in the print view window in or
      • launch your browser and operating system's printing dialog using the File > Print menu command or pressing, most typically, Ctrl-P or Command-P.
  • Use the printing dialog to print the message text including some meta information (such as the sender, subject and date.
  • Click Close in the message print view window.

Print a Message in Windows Live Hotmail

To print a message in Hotmail:

  • Open the message you want to print.
  • Click the Print button in the toolbar.
  • Print the page that opens in a new browser window.
  • Click Close.

(Tested August 2016 with Outlook Mail on the web and in a desktop browser)