How to Print an Email in

Coworkers discussing printed page
Squaredpixels / Getty Images provides a printer-friendly version of every message without ads and visual clutter, and sending it to your printer is a very simple process.

Why Print Emails at All?

Printing an email can be useful when you need to take information with you — for example, to areas without a secured connection or a way to recharge your phone's battery. Sometimes, you might want to be able to read in the sun (where glare would make reading on screen difficult), make notes on a printout, follow a recipe, or simply share with someone easily without using your phone or computer.

How to Print an Email in

  1. Open the email message you would like to print.

  2. Click the More commands icon () in the message's toolbar.

  3. Select Print from the menu that has appeared.

  4. The message will open in a new browser window, formatted for printing. A printer dialog will open. Follow the instructions to send the page to the printer.

If the printing dialog does not come up automatically, try selecting File > Print from the menu, or hit Ctrl+P or Command+P and follow the instructions in the window that appears.