How to Print an Email in Outlook

Printing an Outlook email lets you save an offline hard copy

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You can print an email in Outlook for a number of reasons. Maybe you want to save an attachment that was included in the message, print a recipe or list of names, provide proof of an exchange, etc.

Regardless of why you want to print an email, the Outlook email client makes it really easy. You can choose to print a single attachment from the email or the whole message, including the subject, "To" and "From" fields, and everything else you see in the email.

The instructions below are for printing an email in the desktop Outlook program. If you're using Outlook Mail instead, there are separate instructions for printing emails there.

How to Print an Email From Outlook

  1. Open the email you want to print, by either selecting it once or double-clicking (or double-tapping) to open it in its own window.

  2. Go to File > Print.

  3. Select the Print button to immediately print the email.

Email Printing Tips

  • Another really quick way to print emails in Outlook is to just select the message in the list of emails and hit the Ctrl+P or Command+P shortcut key. Immediately, you'll see the print dialog box where you can change the print settings or print right away.
  • You can make changes to how the email is printed by accessing the Print Options button before you complete Step 3. This is where you can do things like change the orientation, print more than one copy of the email, change the print quality, print the email in black and white, etc.
  • To print an email attachment in Outlook instead of the actual message, just open the email fully with a double-click or double-tap. When the email is open in its own window, locate the attachment you want printed right above the message's body, below the "To" field. Open the attachment and use the Ctrl+P or Command+P hotkey to print the attachment.
  • Sometimes, you might just want to print a selection instead of the entire message. This is especially true if there are lots of replies in the email that you don't necessarily want to print. To do that, just highlight and copy the text you want to print, and then paste it into Notepad, Microsoft Word, or some other text editor. Print that document to print only the selected text.
  • Printing in other Microsoft email clients like Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail, is very similar. Just open the email and use the print shortcut key above to open the print dialog box.