How to Print a Web Page

A Basic Tutorial on Printing Articles and Other Web Content

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It's really simple to print any page from the internet. Sometimes, it even makes sense to print something versus save it as a bookmark or favorite.

Recipes are easier to read offline, especially if you're planning to store them. Tutorials and pictures can be printed too if you'd rather not clutter your computer with them.

How to Print a Web Page

The easiest way to print something in most web browsers is to use the Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut.

Most all browsers use that as a means to open the print dialog box for printing. 

However, there are some finer details that are different if you're going the manual route:

  • Chrome: From the menu button (the three stacked dots), choose Print...
  • Internet Explorer: Click Alt+X to open IE's menu and then choose Print > Print...
  • Edge: From the menu button (the three horizontal dots), choose Print
  • Opera: Go into the Menu > Print... menu option
  • Firefox or Safari: Click Alt to open the menu bar and then choose File > Print.


  • After the print dialog box shows, you can customize any options like the print quality or a number of prints.
  • Use the Page Setup option (it might be called something else in each browser) to change the way your page looks when it prints.
  • Previewing a print lets you see how it will look once printed, complete with formatting, color, margins, etc.
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